Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Friday...

I don't have any pictures to post from Friday since Grandmama rushed in to take Sophie with her to Amber's. She was running right on time to get to Amber's before she had to leave for work so I barely got Sophie in the car with all her things. 
With Sophie gone, I knew I had to get things done that are a little more challenging with a 1 1/2 year old to keep entertained. So I spent all day cleaning the house - bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting and doing laundry. It felt great to have it all done at once. Most of the time it is just one thing at a time and nothing ever looks complete. I even had time to run to the bank and out to find a shower gift. I will say that Chad and I felt weird when he came home and Sophie wasn't home with me. I guess that is what we will be like 18 years from now when both our kids are gone off to college. Thank you to Grandmama taking Sophie for the day. I know she had fun playing with Karlee and it is probably good for me to have a day every now and then to be productive:)

Nashville Zoo Membership Discount Code (Coupon)

Save $12 off a membership at the Nashville Zoo by using this code ROARR88684. You can use the code to purchase the membership online at We used a discount code when we got to the zoo, but I don't think that is what they are supposed to do so it might be best if you purchase online first. This deal is only through May 31st. 

We just bought the Dual membership (Sophie is free until she is 2). I left the second member as a guest so that whoever goes with me during the week can be free (while Chad is working). We figured if we just go twice we will get our money's worth. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary Nanny and Grandpa

We celebrated Nanny and Grandpa's Anniversary (4/27) on Thursday night. This was the third week in a row that Grandpa has cooked dinner for all of us. It really is easier than going out to eat with our group these days! If you are wondering, Sophie and Grandpa are "smelling" the flowers on the gift cards:)

Visiting Jenny and Marlee

After the zoo, Aunt Morgan watched Sophie while I went to Nashville to visit Jenny and Eddie's new addition. Marlee was born on 4/28 and weighed 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. She is just precious! 

Sophie and Karlee at the Zoo

We met Aunt Amber and Karlee at the zoo early on Thursday morning. We didn't have too long before Amber had to get to work, but it was a good time. The girls loved the giraffes and elephants! We got to see Karlee's cousin Jack who is visiting from NYC and was there with his other grandmother. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch at Toot's

We met Katie and Nathaniel for lunch at Toot's after the Wild Things class. I guess Wednesday's are the $3.99 chicken finger basket days. Sophie and I split the meal and still had left overs. Of course we also got a small fried pickle appetizer, but it was such a good deal! I don't think I need all that fried food once a week, but it is definitely a good lunch spot.

Wild Things

We went to the Wild Things class at Barfield Park again on Wednesday morning. Sophie is starting to really enjoy the little songs as she remembers them from before. They learned about caterpillars, did a little art project and then went on a little walk on the nature trail. A little girl was trying to hug her neck and I got the picture toward the end when she almost pulled her down. Sophie handled it surprisingly well. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Room For Sutton...

Sophie and I met up with Jenny yesterday to hit a few boutique sales in Hendersonville. I bought Sutton two outfits and Sophie an adorable swim suit. Anyway, when we took the clothes upstairs I realized we really had to make room. We had been saving all Sophie's clothes in case we had a girl, but now we have got to get rid of a lot. We have some special outfits that we want to keep, but are going to try to keep it to a minimum. Most things she only wore one time...I can't believe how much we have! I don't know how I'm going to go about selling it all, but will come up with something soon. Mom is flipping out thinking that I'm selling anything and wants to make sure Katelyn or any future grandchildren would have it if it fits. I don't think she gets the whole size/season thing and how important it is in the first year especially. So if you are interested - Sophie was in 0-3 during Christmas/Winter months, 3-6 Spring, 6-9 Summer, 9 Fall and 12 Winter/Spring. Amber will obviously have first pick if anything works for Katelyn. 

Mommy's Little Helper...

Sophie always wants to help me - sweeping, doing laundry or emptying the dishwasher - she is always there to lend me a hand. I'm not saying it is always the best, but I do try to let her think she is helping. 
She fell asleep in her high chair after her snack this afternoon. She had been fighting a nap all day (even though I really wanted one). This didn't last too long b/c I started feeling guilty and had to clean her hands and face before taking her to put her down. That woke her up enough that she wouldn't go back to sleep. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Franklin Street Festival

We met up with James, Amber and Karlee at the festival in downtown Franklin. Let me just say that we will probably avoid this type of event in the future. Before kids, we had taken Eliza and Amber and James took Jack (the boy Amber nannied for) and I didn't remember it being so bad. It was so crowded, took forever to find a parking space, was impossible to move through the crowd with the stroller and everything was more expensive than we would wanted to spend. We had already eaten so didn't need to eat any of the fried corn, homemade potato chips or funnel cakes (although I was tempted to get one). We were going to get frozen yogurt at this cute little shop, but the line was out the door. We didn't even go to the kids area. I don't know why I though Sophie could was too crowded and lots of bigger kids jumping and sliding. was great to see Amber, James and Karlee and be outside on a pretty day, but nothing we will do again anytime soon. Oh...the picture is not so flattering of me, but thought I would post it just to show the belly growth.

Lunch at Granny's

After church we had lunch at Granny and Papa's. It has been several weeks since we've been there because of different events and Granny being sick. She is feeling much better now. Cason, Lane, Grant and Luke were at lunch today (Wyatt and Amanda weren't feeling well). It is hard to imagine that Sophie is still going to be the only "little" girl out of 7 boys (once Sutton is here). 

Sophie's 75th Sunday at Church

This was Mammy having to clean up the mess Sophie made going through everything in her purse during church. It amazes me how Mammy can keep her entertained so well with the simplest things. She cried when I took her away from her so we could leave. 
Our Sunday School lesson was on friendship this week. I will say that I am truly blessed to have such good friends in my life. No matter the distance between us we have managed to stay involved in each others lives and there for the good and bad times. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chad's Pink and Black Flower Arrangement

Aunt Elizabeth was throwing a shower for her sister (expecting a girl in a few months) and asked Chad to do the flower arrangement. He went by the invitation and color of the plates to get his inspiration. I thought it was soooo cute!!! He is getting so quick at putting them together (minus all the time he spends driving around to purchase the right flowers). I think he go flowers at Martin's, Sams, Whole Foods, Kroger and Publix (if not from each of those places he went to them all to look). 

Celebrating at Carrabba's

Chad, Sophie and I spent the day inside on Saturday trying to avoid the storms. We saw a break in the weather and went out to eat at Carrabba's (our favorite). Thanks to Grandmama, Grandaddy and Nanny and Grandpa for gift cards for holidays. It is so different now that we have to actually have to order a kids meal for Sophie. Luckily she doesn't waste too much and all of us had enough left over for dinner the next night. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures of Sutton

We have a healthy baby boy! Everything is measuring right on target and they estimate that he weighs 10 ounces. I had gained another 2lbs in 5 weeks for a total of 6lbs in the first half. Now if I can just keep it under control for the second half I will be okay.
A lot of you know that we have planned on using the name Sutton for this child (regardless of it is was a boy or a girl). I will say that I like that we can use it for a boy...especially since he is my Dad's first boy and we are naming him after him:) We haven't officially said the middle name, but we do have one in mind (Chad has to make me wait and be patient about something). I will keep y'all updated. 
So lots of things to think about now. Cleaning out Sophie's closet and going through all her clothes...what to sell and what to keep. What to do about the nursery - switch it to the other room? Move Sophie to the other room? Toddler bed or just the queen mattress on the floor? So many things we can start thinking about now. I can't believe we are having a boy!!!

It's a...

Grandmama and Grandaddy rode with Sophie and I to the doctor's appointment (Chad met us there straight from work). We met up with Aunt Morgan and Karlee for lunch at Bishop's before the appointment and enjoyed the beautiful day eating outside. 
As soon as I got signed in they called me back for the ultrasound. Aunt Jennifer, Luke and Nanny were finishing up Jen's 6 week check up appointment and joined the crowd in the waiting room while Chad and I went back. 
Aunt Annie stopped in to say hello so I think we got a little special treatment. The ultrasound lady was really nice and agreed to let Mom, Dad and Ginger come in to look at the ultrasound after we found out. I figured it would be at the very end, but she ended up showing us in the middle. I could tell she was moving around at the bottom and asked if she was going to be able to tell and she quickly said yes. I asked if she knew already and she said "no" without looking at me, but I knew she was trying not to tell me. At that point I kind of guessed it might be a boy. When she showed us the "parts" it was very obvious. I screamed pretty loudly and got a little emotional...we were so excited! Aunt Annie and my nurse popped their head in the door to see what we were having after hearing my reaction:) They went out to get Mom, Dad, Ginger and Sophie. It didn't take long for them to figure out what it was (although mom needed a little confirmation...said she didn't realize it would look that big). You can only imagine what Chad had to say to that:) Mom had the same reaction I did and had to be quietened down by the lady. Sophie got scared by their reactions and started crying. It was okay since we still had some more measurements for the ultrasound and didn't need the crowd. 
Needless to say, we were all thrilled. This is Mom and Dad's first grandson so they are pretty excited.  Mom pulled out the orange and white polo outfit from her purse in the ultrasound room. She seemed pretty confident that we were having a boy. Nanny had a boy and girl balloon in the car and brought the "baby boy" in when we were finished. 
We made a cute cell phone video of Sophie saying that she is having a brother. Of course she doesn't say it perfectly, but it is pretty darn cute!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner at Nanny and Grandpa's

Grandpa made dinner again this Thursday night...might become a regular thing. It also happened to be Jennifer and Brian's anniversary - 4 years. How cute is Luke with spiked hair like his Uncle Chad;) I can't believe we got such a good picture of the cousins...we can rarely get them to sit still much less smile and look at the camera at the same time.

Sophie and Meet Elise!

Sophie and I drove down to Atlanta on Wednesday morning to visit Kristin, Jeff and Elise. She turned 6 weeks old today and is just precious. We got there in time for lunch - BBQ out on the patio. Sophie liked Elise's stroller and really thought she was helping push. We walked to the park after Elise ate and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Sophie is doing really well on the playgrounds now. She can get up the steps and go down the slides on her own (I even let her go down the big one all by herself and she wasn't scared at all). Jeff is in the middle of finals in grad school so we didn't get to see him that much, but Sophie had a good time with him during that short time.
We had an interesting night. I didn't push Sophie to sleep in the pack and play since it was a strange place and she started crying when I put her in (even though she acted like she wanted to). Anyway, she tossed and turned so much was never in a deep sleep. I had to get up to use the bathroom (a very common thing these days) and she immediately woke up and got we sat on the toilet together. She screamed for a bit and then passed some gas. She finally fell asleep with her head on lap and her body sideways. She actually slept like that for the rest of the night. Of course, that meant I was on my back which isn't the most comfortable right now. Needless to say, I didn't get quality sleep. 
We went to the park again this morning, ate lunch and then headed back to Murfreesboro. We had a great time!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Day Out...

Grandmama, Karlee, Sophie and I spent the day out in Murfreesboro. We had pizza at Sal's and then went to the Discovery Center. The girls pretty much had the whole little area to themselves and ran wild. We ventured out to the "big kid" area and it was a little more dangerous. Karlee tried to eat rocks and Sophie almost got in a little fight with big Joanna (only 4 years old) over the oar. Oh...Sophie's new word is "turtle". Her daddy taught her to say it a couple of nights ago. I wish I could figure out how to put videos on the is too cute as she crinkles up her nose and says it.