Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feast on the Farm

We helped host a party for Dustin and Andriana on April 30th. Chad wanted to use an idea he had seen in Southern Living and set up a long table by the pond on his parent's farm and we served dinner family style.
He spent a couple weeks collecting mix matched antique china from different people and cut cloth napkins. We drank sweet tea out of mason jars. It was a great evening!

I talked Brian into wearing my apron that Tara's mom sent me from her trip to Italy. Everyone got a kick out of it.

The hosts with the future Mr. and Mrs. Lamb

There ended up being 46 people. Brad, Pam, Michael and Elizabeth enjoyed the dinner picnic style.
The dishwashing crew helped out in the kitchen while we transported everything from the pond area. So thankful they were willing to do that...I really didn't want to!
This was the best picture I could catch of the kids during the party. Nanny and Grandpa (with Brenna's help) kept all the kids and even took them to the mexican restaurant for dinner. I think it was a little crazy since they met up with mom and dad and Karlee. All in all it was a fun night and everyone surprised.

Sutton Pulling Up

So this is the first time I have seen Sutton pull all the way up. He is so determined to get what he is after and doesn't exactly know how to get down safely. We are in for some falls before he gets it figured out.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Grandmama Babysitting Karlee and Sophie

Sutton is pulling up on everything these days. It won't be long and he will be sitting with Sophie on her picnic table!

Grandmama watched Sophie and Karlee while Amber ran errands with Katelyn and I went to Walmart with Sutton. It is amazing how easy it seems with just one kid after having two! Anyway...this is how I found them when we got home. Karlee fell asleep sitting up and mom was just holding her so she didn't fall over and wake up.
Our two little potty trained girls!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sutton's 6 Month Pictures (at almost 7 months)

The overalls were Chad's when he was a baby:)
 Check out Sutton's 6 month pictures done by Jen Turner Photography. She did an amazing job...I don't know how we will ever be able to narrow down an order we can afford! Sutton is at that perfect age where he smiles at the camera (for the most part). Sophie, on the other hand, had to be bribed with a lollipop and still didn't do that great. She did start running a fever a few hours later, so that might explain some of her behavior.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Mammy and Pappy's

Nathaniel, Becca, Sophie, Sutton, Luke, Grant and Eliza
 We went back out to Eagleville to celebrate Easter with the McClaran side on Sunday evening. The kids had a great time hunting Easter eggs and playing together. We ended up having a little game of baseball that started with the little ones and ended up with all of us taking a turn at the bat. It won't be long until we have enough kids for a baseball team!
Sutton and Luke were cracking up at each cute!

Somebody looks tired!

Sutton loved being outside and watching everyone running around

The "big" kids at their picnic table

We managed to get a family pic before the night was over. Sutton was already asleep, but it was better than nothing

Easter with Granny and Papa at the Nursing Home

The Lamb's decided to have our Easter celebration with Granny and Papa at the nursing home and I am so glad we did. It just wouldn't have been the same to get together without her with us. We stopped by our house on the way to have left overs for lunch since we were just having desserts and drinks there. Granny was in good spirits although after a while she told us she was ready for a nap.

Sweet smile

Matching his daddy:)

The grandchildren and great grandchildren

4 Generations...Sutton is carrying on the Lamb name

Easter Morning

Sophie and Sutton on his first Easter
 We started off our Easter celebration with the Eagleville Community sunrise service. We almost made it on time, but just a little late. Afterwards, we had a country ham breakfast prepared by Ms. Goins and the cafeteria staff and then headed over to Nanny and Grandpa's (across the street) to hang out until Sunday School.
 We managed to get a few family pictures and then I took a little nap while Sophie played and Sutton kept Chad awake:)

 The kids opened their Easter gifts from Nanny and Grandpa. Sutton was so cute trying to get to his new pacis through the package. He knew exactly what they were!

 The Easter service was great. Sutton was worn out and finally fell asleep. Love the picture of Chad leading the closing hymn with Sutton asleep in his arms...he is getting so big!
 It was great having Mom and Dad in Eagleville this year. They came to the sunrise service and to our church for the Easter service. Didn't manage to get a picture of them with the I wish I would have tried harder!
Sophie and Eliza Kate

Luke and Sutton were tired boys! They have good cousins to take care of them:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at The Youell's

We went to David and Carrie's after the church egg hunt and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Grandmama, Grandaddy, Morgan, Matt, Amber, James, Karlee, Katelyn, Carrie's mom and grandmother (who is 102 and still very with it). David's friend from college, Chris, and his wife also joined us. The kids had fun running around the yard and hunting eggs. Sophie was way more focused and really tried hard to get a lot of eggs. David and I were coaching them would have thought we were competitive or something:) I think Sophie won:)

Unfortunately, Karlee and Katelyn started feeling bad and running a fever. We didn't manage to get a group picture and Amber and James left early to get the girls home and in bed.

Cooper did well, but he was still too little to get in with the kids and play.

Cooper is growing so fast! What a handsome little boy

The best picture I could get of mom and dad with the kids