Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lynne's New Arrival

We visited Chad's friend, Lynne, and her little girl Isabella. It worked out great since she was at her parent's house just down the road from us:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

We got in on the trip to Chuck E Cheese that we bribed the kids with if they were good at the wedding. I don't know what we were thinking b/c we were all so tired after the wedding Saturday but went ahead and took them Sunday night.
Sophie and Sutton had fun playing with their cousins!

Sunday Morning

After church we went to the community center and had left overs from the rehearsal dinner. Aunt Jean did an awesome job on the food and we were happy to get to eat it again:)

Cute dress from Aunt Tara:)

Brigham is growing up fast!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dustin and Andriana's Wedding...Just a few pics

 I am waiting on more pictures from the wedding, but thought I would share the few that I did take. It was hard since we were all in the wedding. I can't believe I didn't even get a picture of Dustin and Andriana!! Anyway...when my dear friend Pam gets the cd to me I will update with more:)
Jay and Brenna were the ring bearer and flower girl in our wedding...crazy to think that I now have a flower girl!
We thought he might have to walk down the aisle with the helmet on, but luckily they talked him into going without it:) Instead he got bribed with going to Chuck E. to come since we also got in on that deal.

Sophie and Andriana's cousins who rang the bells and announced "the bride is coming"

I'm really hoping someone has better pictures

Dustin and Andriana's Wedding - Flowers (Yellow and Turquoise)

Chad did the flower arrangements for the reception (Andriana's cousin did the bouquets and boutonnieres since we were all in the wedding and he did the decorating for the rehearsal dinner the night before). The bridesmaid dresses were turquoise and she wanted to accent with yellow flowers. I thought the arrangements turned out beautiful.

Andriana's grandfather had a lot of turquoise mason jars he was able to incorporate into the decorations

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dustin and Andriana's Rehearsal Dinner

 This first picture was the night before the rehearsal. Chad was at home working on the flowers and we met up with everyone at the mexican restaurant in Eagleville. Chad went with a cotton theme for the decorations for the rehearsal dinner. He had the idea a long time ago and picked some cotton when it was in bloom and stored it in our garage (you can only imagine what our garage must look like).
 Once again, Chad transformed the community center into a different feel. I loved the burlap tablecloth for the food table and the old suitcases with wheat and tobacco. The decor really fit Dustin's personality.

The rehearsal went smoothly and Sophie got some practice dropping cut up paper in preparation for the flowers at the wedding.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Katelyn's 1st Birthday - Father's Day

 We celebrated Katelyn's 1st birthday on Sunday afternoon. The kids had fun playing together...weren't so great at taking pictures:)
Attempt at the cousin picture...didn't even get Trey and Cooper in it

Katebug loved her cake:)

Trying out Katelyn's new water table

With two of the best Daddy's ever:)

 Had to show the series of pictures. It really just wasn't the best timing:)

Sutton and Katelyn really wanted to get down

Daddy and his girls

Father's Day Sunday Morning

 We went to church and then to Papa's to celebrate with the Lamb side of the family. After lunch we headed to Amber's to celebrate Katelyn's first birthday and Father's day with my daddy. The pictures are a little out of order. We were at church and got a pic with Pappy and then at Papa's with Grandpa and family pictures.

I thought this was hilarious b/c it just shows how difficult it was to get a picture. Sophie was being drama queen b/c she said we hurt her arm.