Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

 We met up with Jennifer, Brian, Grant and Luke to have dinner at Carrabba's. We really didn't make any definite plans since the kids had been sick, but we had talked to Jennifer and Amber during the day about maybe going out to eat (early). Amber ditched us to go to another friends house (she blamed it on James). Just wasn't a big deal, but it did work out to eat with Jennifer and family since they were going to be in Murfreesboro.

 We had a great dinner (as always) and got home by 8:30pm. The kids fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep...should have known it was too good to be true. Chad and I got to enjoy a few hours of watching TV and just relaxing on the couch before Sophie woke up and we fell asleep on the couch. I watched the ball drop and then shortly after Sutton woke up and that woke Sophie up. Neither of them felt great and it ended up being a long night of sleeping on the couch with sick babies.
New Year's party at the Lamb's:)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with The Truitts

The kids who call her "Nanny"
 We met up with the Truitts at Dustin and Andriana's house on Thursday night to celebrate Christmas one last time.

 They got the kids hats with their names on them and they loved them!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nanny and Sophie at Wild Things

 Nanny took Sophie to Wild Things on the Wednesday after Christmas. I was so glad that she was able to go b/c I know she misses it now that I am working. Katie was there with Nate and Becca, but I think the class was much smaller than usual given the holiday week.

They painted a rainbow with water colors...looks like Sophie was working and really hard

 The weather was even nice enough for them to take a "hike"
 Nanny wasn't really planning on eating at Toots, but when they drove by Sophie said "hey...that is Toot's! I want to eat there." Girl knows what she wants:)
Sophie and her cat that she got from our neighbor, Mrs. Jones. She had to take it with her to eat at Toots.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Mammy and Pappy's

 We celebrated Christmas for the 5th time on Monday night at Mammy and Pappy's. The kids were still having fun and just as excited to open gifts as the first night.
Sophie loved using her new digital camera and got right in on the picture taking

Chad's cell phone kept Sutton entertained during pictures. He really wanted to be up and running around!

Sophie is Mammy's girl:)

Pappy and Mammy

The little boys getting their horse rides...can be a bit of a work out

Mammy helping Sophie get some of her famous green punch

Happy boy!

Getting her money from the money tree

Sutton getting his money from Mammy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Papa's

 We spent Christmas night at Papa's house. It was our first Christmas without Granny and she was definitely missed. Everyone seemed to be holding it together and about the time Leslie leaned over and made the comment to me that it was going pretty good we look around and everyone had started to cry. I think the family pictures without her were the hardest.

Sophie is a mess making faces in the group picture

 The gift opening was a little out of control with the amount of gifts all the kids get. They really did a great job considering it had been a long day already.

Loving her Daddy!

Sophie is really into her babies right now. She is a good little mommy:)

Christmas Morning - Part 2

When we got home from church we put our pajamas back on and got started opening gifts. The kids were so excited, and were so appreciative and thankful for everything.

Sophie has loved getting ornaments this year...we are going to have to get another tree soon!

We got Sutton a cowboy hat b/c he loves wearing Sophie's (even though it is pink). He loved it!

Sophie feeding her "big baby" - I had no idea the baby alive was going to be so big when I ordered it online. She talks to her, drinks her bottle and uses the bathroom.

Love this excited face!

Sophie even loved her t shirts we gave to her

Giving Daddy a big hug and sweet

As soon as Sophie opened the doll crib Sutton was climbing in. He was so cute.

Sutton loved his Rock n' Roll Mickey and Sophie enjoyed playing with it also.

Chad and I did give gifts to each other also, but didn't manage to get many pictures...we were focused on the kids!

I can't believe we were able to get a decent picture setting the camera to take the picture. I think the flashing light and ticking got their attention so they were both looking.

We had a great Christmas morning with our little family. It really is a fun age with the kids.

Big hug!