Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Play date with Karlee

 Karlee came over to play with Sophie and Sutton while Grandmama was babysitting. They had fun playing and coloring. Grandmama has been having "class" with Sophie and they have been working on a letter each day and working on coloring. They are also making an effort to get dressed and fix her hair each day. Sophie is really doing a good job!
We knew we needed to start working with her a little more b/c she as already doing so much on her own. She started telling us what letter words started with by sounding them out. She gets so many words correct and can sound out and spell some short three letter words like cat. I really think a lot of credit should be given to Leap Frog Letter Factory video.
 Sutton is such a little ham. He loves putting hats on his head and knows he is cute so he just smiles and dances around.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sutton's 2nd Haircut

Pappy cut Sutton's hair for the 2nd time after church. The timing wasn't that great and he was in need of a nap, but still did a good job. It is amazing how much older he looks with a haircut...such a little boy!

Fifth Sunday Church Lunch

This was from the week before at children's time. Sutton likes to get up and walk around and Sophie tries to be the mama and make him sit...you can see that goes over real well!

 Sutton was loving on Brigham in his car seat. He was being a little mischievous and wanting his paci, but giving us a sweet and innocent look.

The deacons celebrated everyone's birthday during our fifth Sunday lunch. Sophie was enjoying her balloon!

Sutton helping himself to chips in the cabinet...boy knows what he wants!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Wonderland Party at The Wilderness Station

 Nanny saw that The Wilderness Station was having an event for toddlers on Saturday so we decided we would take Sophie and Sutton since they don't get to go on Wednesday mornings now that I am working. It was more for Sophie's age, but Sutton and I enjoyed looking at the animals in the aquariums while Sophie and her Daddy worked on the art project. She had a great time and Chad enjoyed getting to watch her in this setting. She has grown up so much since we were going to Wild Things this summer!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Celebrating Mammy's 75th Birthday

 We celebrated Mammy's birthday at Aunt Deborah's and Uncle Bill's house. What a great blessing that we are all able to be together for these special occasions.
Notice Sutton trying to "blow out" the candles too...he is such a smart little boy!

Mammy and the grand and great grands:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner

No luck getting the kids to pose for the picture...Sophie was the only one cooperating

Everyone worked on coloring the playhouse Dustin and Andriana gave the kids for Christmas

Grandpa was pretty tired

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophie's First Time at The Movies

 We had been seeing commercials for The Chipmunk movie and Sophie seemed interested. We decided it was time to take her to the movies. We went to the matinee after church while Grandmama and Grandaddy watched Sutton. Sophie loved the movie and was very good in the theater. She said she had to pee during one part so I took her (even though I didn't think she needed to). As I was waiting on her to go we were talking about the movie and if she liked it. She said she did, but didn't like the part where that chipmunk was falling in the water and that maybe he would be out when we got back in there. Smart girl. She didn't even need to go, but figured that was a good way to avoid the part she didn't like. It had been forever since we had been to the movies...I don't know how teenagers can afford to date...it is expensive these days!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Dustin

 We met up at Granny Fish's (in Shelbyville) to celebrate Dustin's birthday. Sophie had fallen asleep on the way and it took her a little while to warm up.

Sutton LOVES hats

Yellow, Green and White Flower Centerpieces

 Chad made flower arrangements for Mama Vassie's (his Aunt Joyce's mother-in-law) birthday party. The family got the event together and wanted to give it a special touch with the decorations. She loves yellow and they also requested that he incorporate her love of birds. It is hard to tell from these pictures (in our messy kitchen), but he put bird nests and birds in the twigs. He was able to reuse some of the containers he had made for Mac and Erika's wedding and it all turned out perfectly. He put the arrangements together on Saturday during the day for the Sunday party.

Lamb...Party of 12

We decided to get an impromptu dinner together on Friday night and as Carrie, Amber and I were going back and forth talking we decided to not even attempt going out to eat with our PARTY OF 12 (six adults and six kids)...and just pick up take out and meet at Amber's. It is hard to believe that we have gotten to this point. Anytime we do anything with all our immediate family it is 12 people. It really is easier to be at someone's house.
 The kids loved playing in the play room and we had time to actually visit and talk. The only downside is we actually have to clean up the mess after:)

This is why we still haven't put Sophie's washer and dryer together that Grandmama and Grandaddy gave her Christmas before last!

Katelyn loves to be read to

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grandaddy Playing Barbies

 I love my Dad! He is the most patient (had to be living with 4 women) and fun loving person. He is so good with the kids and I had to grab the camera when I hear him talking in a girly voice about "do you like my shoes?" Sophie has him wrapped around her finger!
We do dress our children sometimes, but Sophie rarely has clothes on when I come home from work and as soon as we walk in the door she starts taking them off. I have to blame it on Grandmama (those of you who know her would understand).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Lunch and Cookie Decorating

 We had New Year's Day lunch at Papa's after church and the kids had fun playing with their cousins.
 After lunch we headed down the road to Mammy and Pappy's to make cookies with the McClaran cousins. Mammy had already made the dough and the kids had a blast rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookies. We ALL had fun eating them:)

Sutton loves to climb up on the chair and get Mammy's phone...he does it every time we are there!

Daddy helped Sophie with her cookies

I attempted to help Sutton, but you can see we just made a big mess

He was tired (and so was I) so we went in the living room and took a nap:)

I hope I'm as active and in as good of shape as Mammy when I'm 75! Probably not since I don't think I could keep up with her now:)