Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sutton's 23rd Week at Church, Lunch at Granny's and Dinner at Grandmama's

After church, we went to Granny's for lunch and ended up staying longer than usual because the kids were having so much fun playing together. It is funny to see Sutton sitting up in the mix...can only imagine what it will be like a year from now!
We take Sophie's church clothes off when she eats and sometimes forget to bring play clothes:) They were playing with their "doctor kitten" as Sophie calls her kit.

Have to watch out for the little ones putting everything in their mouths.

After playing a while, we look over and see Sophie with a chicken leg. She had climbed on a chair and gotten it off the counter while we were all in the living room. She knows how to get what she wants!

Grandmama cooked dinner and we headed that way after only a few hours at the house. Karlee and Katelyn had already been there for a little while so Karlee was finished eating. She was helping Sophie eat and it is hilarious to listen to their conversations. "Here Sophie, you have to eat a few more bites." "Wait, Karlee, I have to chew it up first." I can't remember all the other things they were saying, but it sounds like what Amber and I tell them!
Had to get just a little taste of the icing first!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

We met at The White Room Too (in Murfreesboro) to get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses for Andriana and Dustin's wedding
The Future Mrs. Lamb with her mom and future mother-in-law
Then we had lunch at Logan's after going around to different shoe stores in search of shoes

Sophie Making Breakfast

Sophie was hitting Sutton on the head with her toy wisk and Chad told her that she couldn't do that and that it was used to mix eggs. This was what we found the next morning...her making eggs for breakfast. She had gotten the eggs out of the refridgerator and was ready to get started when we caught her.
She has this chair that Mammy and Pappy gave her for Christmas last year that she pushes around the house to get to things she can't reach. I have it in a closet right now b/c the other day she pushed it to the front door and unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door. I was in the other room with Sutton when I heard her say that she was looking at the flowers and also heard the traffic going by. Pretty scary! She is a mess.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sutton Trying Rice Cereal

We decided to let Sutton try rice cereal for the first time when Grandmama came over for lunch
He actually liked it more than the picture looks like. I think he liked trying to hold the spoon the most
Look who had to eat in her high chair with a bib

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sutton's First Visit to the AOII House

Sutton sat through 3 hours of interviews at the AOII house and was such a little angel. This is our house director, Anne Marie, that we are sad to see go (but happy for her getting married).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chelsea's 21st Birthday!

 We celebrated Chelsea's 21st Birthday at Demos's on Tuesday night. We took the picture after Nate and Becca already left (oops). We had a nice time at dinner and the kids loved helping her eat the whipped topping off her cake!
 Sutton was really loving Pappy's hat. Look at what a classy dresser he is! Must be where Chad got his style:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Story time and Shopping with Karlee and Katelyn

Love that I caught them fighting over this book (they weren't even supposed to have it)
 Amber brought the girls to Murfreesboro on Monday and we met at Barnes and Noble for story time.
Helping them make their bookmarks
 After story time we headed over to Stones River Mall to eat lunch at the Greek place in the food court and walk around the mall. We loved our lunch and will try to go back again soon. After going a little overboard at the President's Day Sale at Gap, we let the girls play on the little playground. It was a fun day.
This is how we went to the bathroom...gotta love the family bathrooms. There was a little kid toilet and Sophie said she wanted to use the potty. Of course I didn't even try...public restrooms are my worst nightmare. I will only do it once I have to!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sutton's 22nd Week at Church

 This Sunday we had to take Sophie out 3 times during the service. It isn't that she is being so disruptive to everyone else, but she had an attitude and was definitely seeing how far she could push us. We decided we would have to do something about her talking and being disruptive now before it got out of control. I didn't even spank her the first time I took her out (she was saying "don't spank my legs" all the way to the back of the church). I took her out the first two times and then Chad took her. I told him she made me look like a fool b/c she told me what I wanted to hear when we were outside, but came in and did the same thing again. When you ask her who can talk in church she will say "Brother Jobe." She knows what she is supposed to do, but she gets carried away with all the attention and doesn't obey. Guess this will be a work in progress.
 Sunday night we went to World Outreach Church to attend Shane and Katie's little girl, Rebecca's, baby dedication. My camera stopped working after this picture of Shane and Rebecca so I didn't get anymore from this night. After the service we went to Grandmama and Grandaddy's for dinner. Sophie and Sutton enjoyed playing with Karlee and Katelyn:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Circus Time Again

 After Cason's, we went to the circus in Murfreesboro. It is the same group that came through back in October and the kids were so excited to go back! All Sophie could talk about was riding the elephant again. Chad decided I needed to have that experience so I got to ride with her this time. I was trying to hold on to Sophie and Cason and the guy put a little girl smaller than Sophie behind me and asked me to hold on to her which wasn't easy.
Sophie got to try Grant's cotton candy and liked the first few bites but then wanted me to eat it. It was pretty messy and I think we will have to wait several years before we try that again.

 Nanny came to watch the kids enjoy the circus. Grandmama and Grandaddy watched Sutton which was a good thing because it was much more crowded this time.

Leslie, Cliff, Courntney and Cason also joined us this time.
 Everything was going well until the clown came out. I must have looked like such a mean parent trying to get the camera out when they started crying, but I thought we needed to capture the moment. This happened when he popped a balloon. Funny how they did fine with the really loud motorcycles.

They got over the clown and enjoyed the rest of the circus. The elephants were the last part and we got a big surprise. One of the elephants started pooping and it got worse when it was walking around and it landed right in front of the people sitting on the floor. It stunk so bad and everyone was grossed out. Chad, Jennifer and Nanny were in tears they were laughing so hard. There wasn't anyone in line for pictures with the elephants after the show:) Sophie and Grant will tell you about the "elephants pooped" if you ask them about the circus.

Cason's 5th Birthday Party

 We celebrated Cason's 5th birthday on Saturday afternoon. It was supposed to be almost 70 degrees, but ended up being much cooler. The cousins were playing outside, but Sophie was content playing by herself in the warm house:)

 It is hard to believe that Cason is already 5 years old and the rest are growing up just as fast! As you can imagine, it can get wild when they are all together.

Planting Roses With Daddy

Sophie enjoyed being outside with her daddy as he did a little planting on Saturday morning. He made a little golf course for her so she could play with her little set she got for Christmas. He said she ended up playing with worms most of the time (don't know how she is my child).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Debbie and Jenny's Visit

 As Karlee calls them, "Grandmama's friends" came to visit her this weekend. They came over to the house on Thursday and brought Sophie a play dough activity set. Jenny played with her forever and she absolutely loved it. She couldn't wait for her daddy to get home to play with her (not really my thing). Poor thing had such a busy weekend and we were rarely home and she begged to play anytime we were home.
 I had a busy week of follow up doctor appointments with mom - Monday was the primary care physician, Wednesday we went for the sleep study results and Friday to the cardiologist. Debbie and Jenny watched Sophie while Sutton and I went with Grandmama to her appointment Friday morning. The appointment went long and we stopped to Carrie and baby Cooper on the way back so it was after lunch by the time we got home. I don't know if they wore Sophie out or she wore them out, but I found them napping:)
 We went to Demos's for dinner to celebrate Debbie's birthday and Sophie sat between them and as you can see was loving all the attention! I think they spoiled her rotten!
 Sophie said the prayer for us before we ate and when she finished Debbie was crying b/c she thought it was so sweet.

Feeding Debbie her birthday cake

Sutton is such a good baby. Just watching everything going on

Debbie and Mom grew up together and lived in the same neighborhood from the time they were kids

I love that Sutton is looking at Grandmama...he loves her!

Cooper Smith's Arrival

Doesn't she look great! Just before she started pushing:)
 Cooper Smith Youell made his arrival at 12:42am on 2/18/2011. He weighed 7lbs 13ozs and was 20 inches long. I had talked to Carrie when she got home from work Thursday evening. She said she was having some contractions and a few other things had happened that made it seem that it wouldn't be too much longer. I happened to be at mom's (just down the road) when Carrie called to ask her to come watch Trey while they went to the hospital (she thought her water had broke). I ended up going over first while mom finished up the cake she had in the oven. Carrie was putting Trey to bed even though her water broke and she was having some contractions. She wanted to make sure he wasn't upset when she left. They left for the hospital around 8:30pm or so.
Papaw and Nana made it just in time!
 So I left when mom (and her friends Debbie and Jennifer) came over. By the time I got home and fed Sutton I got a text from David saying she was at a 7 already. I couldn't sleep at that point so I was on the computer trying to get caught up on the blog so I could post about Cooper Smith (took a little longer than I expected). At 11:45pm I got a text that said she was a 9 and at that point I decided to head on over to the hospital. I got there before she started pushing even though she was already at a 10 and they were just giving Cooper a little time to come down more. Carrie's mom, Mary Nelle, and David were there when he was born and I was in the waiting room when Aunt Joan and Big Dave got off the elevator and told me David called them just as they got out of the car to say he was born. They had driven from Sevierville as soon as Big Dave got home from working the clock at the high school basketball game.
Cooper Smith looks a lot like his big brother in this picture
 We went back to see the precious little boy and agree he definitely favors big brother Trey (expect for his head full of dark hair!).

Happy Grandmothers!

I bet Cooper Smith will be crazy about Papaw like Trey

So glad I got to be there for all the excitement (and to take pictures)

David got to carry him to the nursery to be cleaned up and checked out

Looking at his Daddy

The nurse was pretty serious about the measurement

Watching outside the nursery

Aunt KaKa got to love on him the next day

Look at all the hair!!!

He is just precious