Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Chad and the kids gave me the most wonderful Valentine's Day present!! I am way behind on the blog, but wanted to go ahead and post this and then go back and catch up.

I knew they were working on something night before last, but was still surprised to see what they came up with. Chad had them in the bathroom upstairs with black fabric hung on the shower curtain. As you can see, Sutton was having a hard time with all the poses. I think he got 4 spankings during the project (he didn't cry except once and that was because he didn't want to hold the letter). The funniest thing was seeing all the other pictures on the camera that weren't used. I can't believe he pulled it off and it turned out this well. There were several pictures where Sutton was turned around backwards because he was refusing to hold the letter. I love the personality in all the pictures and will cherish this forever!!!
Alli helped Chad with putting the photos in the grid, editing out the toilet and the shower and the color accents. Don't know what we would do without her many talents!
Chad would warn anyone trying this project that it is harder than it looks...especially with young kids.