Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch at Toot's

Amber and I met up at Toot's for lunch on Wednesday to take advantage of their $3.99 chicken basket deal. We found out that you can order the chicken grilled and you could get steamed broccoli as a side...much healthier option. The girls ate the free hot dog and fries (of course). It was actually a pretty uneventful lunch and the kids were very well behaved. I think I will start putting Sutton in the seat now that he doesn't stay happy in the carseat for long anymore.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sutton's 27th Week at Church

 I rolled Sophie's hair for the first time on Sunday morning. She was loving it and sat still the entire time. It didn't hold that well...going to have to work on it.
 After the service we let Sophie practice singing in the microphone. We covered it with one of Sutton's burp clothes because she couldn't get that she didn't need her mouth directly on it. She sang "Jesus Loves Me." I think she will be ready to sing for the church in no time!
Look at my precious little boy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner at Trey Baby's House

 We made it back to Murfreesboro in time to have dinner at Trey Baby's house. Aunt Joan and "Papaw" were in town visiting so we were excited to get to see them. Aunt Joan made a wonderful dinner and Sophie and Trey enjoyed the spaghetti so much they ended up needing a bath! Well...Trey was getting a bath and Sophie wanted to get in so I just let her.
 She loved it when David put the colors in to change the water.
 This series of pictures cracks me up. Aunt Joan says..."get his paci out of his mouth."
 Sophie grabs it and gives it to Aunt Joan as Trey goes after it.
We get him calmed down and they both have their hands in their mouth.

Quick Trip to The Cabin

 We decided mid week that we should take a trip to our cabin in East TN to check it out before we start renting it on our own. We wanted to get the lock changed and make sure it was stocked with all the towels and sheets we needed and also meet with the cleaning company. We did a little spring cleaning (well Chad did) and didn't get the lock changed (Dad said he would come up in a couple weeks and do it). We did meet with the cleaning company. I still haven't gotten the info I need to get to Alli so she can make the website and haven't started the process with Got to get on it!!!
I didn't think about a picture until we were going out the door so Chad got us on the front porch. We left a little after lunch so we could get back at a decent time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playtime with Meg and Mary Clark

 After Sutton's check up, we met up with my friend, Ashley, and her two girls. She was on spring break and was going to be in Murfreesboro so we planned to meet at the Discovery Center, but it was packed there wasn't even a parking space available. We quickly decided to just head over to the mall and eat in the food court and let the kids play on the little playground. It turned out to be a perfect way to get to visit and keep the kids entertained. Sutton and Mary Clark enjoyed playing on the blanket while Sophie and Meg ran around the play area.
 Sophie's friend from Wild Things Class, Bella, was there with her grandmother so they enjoyed playing together also. I think Sophie's favorite thing was getting the sanitizer over and over...guess she was killing all the germs.
 It was hard to get a picture of the girls together. Meg was trying hard to pose, but Sophie was just trying to get away the whole time!
 I had to include all the pictures I tried. Sophie was just determined not to let me get a good one!

 We walked down to Bath and Body Works and the girls held cute! They really had fun playing together.

Nanny, Grant and Luke came over for a little bit in the afternoon while Jennifer went to the nursing home to visit Granny. Sutton and Luke ended up having the same outfit on again!

Sutton's 6 Month Check-up

We went for Sutton's 6 month check up on Friday morning. This was the shot I got as Dr. Bigham walked in and they both turned to look at him. Sutton did great (just like his big sister). He weighed 16lbs and 7 oz and was 25 1/4 inches long around 25 percentile for both. He is right on track with how he has been growing and meeting all the right milestones.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spending The Day With Jay and Brenna

 It was Rutherford County's spring break so we got to spend time with the Truitt's at Nanny's on Thursday. We met up for lunch at the mexican restaurant and then the kids played all afternoon. Sophie and Grant love playing with Jay and Brenna!
 Sutton and I went to see Grandmama and give him a chance to take a nap...Grandmama has the special touch. Thought I would get some close up pictures of Mom's hair. Morgan highlighted and cut it earlier in the week and I thought it looked great!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinner with The Youell's

 I cooked dinner for Carrie and David (even though it is about a month late) and we took it over when Chad got home from work. Sophie and Trey loved the chicken casserole and lima beans. They were so cute eating together. Sophie would reach over and Trey would hand her some of his food (sometimes he would just pretend and then eat it himself).
 They ate at the kitchen counter while Aunt Joan and "Papaw" watched on Skype. It was like they were having dinner with us:) They got to see them interact and kept and eye on them for us. It is so great that we have the technology to allow the kids to see them all the time. Sophie wants to "talk to Papaw" anytime I'm on the computer.
Chad had the magic touch and held Cooper while we ate and he slept almost the entire time. We had a great evening and the kids were great and had such a good time.

Wild Things

 We are still going to Wild Things at Barfield Park's Wilderness Station on Wednesday mornings. Sophie loves the little songs and really looks forward to seeing "her friends."
 Sutton enjoys sitting up and watching his sister singing and performing the songs:)
 Sophie and Bella were being so good while they looked at the owl. I was proud of her for sitting and listening patiently:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Katebug is Growing Up!

 We watched Karlee and Katelyn on Monday night while James and Amber went to a church meeting. I was a little surprised when Katebug (our nickname for little Katelyn) pulled herself up on the coffee table and played the keyboard. She is growing up so fast!!! You will notice Sutton in the second picture is "right behind her."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Morgan is Engaged!!!

 So we get a call from Morgan on Sunday night saying she is engaged. I was like..."are you serious??" I knew that she and Matt were in love and talked about things like they would be getting married, but I didn't have a clue that it was about to happen. I thought for sure he would ask for my help in picking out a ring:) He did a great job on his own!
 We are so happy for Morgan and glad that she has found such a great guy who loves her and treats her with respect. Not sure of the exact plans for the wedding yet, but I think they are leaning toward a beach wedding at the end of the summer/fall.
 I took Sophie and Sutton to storytime at Barnes and Noble on Monday morning and text Morgan to see if she wanted to meet up and look at dresses. She quickly jumped on the offer and met me at The Ave at David's Bridal. I knew it wouldn't be easy to shop with Sophie and Sutton (not that Sutton is much trouble). Sophie ran up and down the dress aisles at David's Bridal and even broke a hand mirror. It was a little stressful for me, but I was glad to get to see Morgan trying on dresses.
 After going home for lunch, we headed over to The White Room Too. The first dress Morgan tried on was gorgeous and we decided it was "the one" (at least so far). Mom came by just in time to see her in the dress. Sophie was a little better in this store until she got under the skirt of the dress on the maniquin and pulled it over. Luckily I was standing right there (trying to get a picture) and caught it before it fell on her. She is a mess!
Of course Sutton was a little angel during the shopping trip:)

Sutton's 26th Week at Church

Little guy stayed awake for the entire service, but Mammy had the special touch and got him to sleep as soon as she got a hold of him:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiffany and Edward's Wedding

The curly willow branches and orchids gave height to the arrangements
Chad was given the opportunity to use his talents for Tiffany and Edward's wedding. He made all the bouquets, boutineers, crosages, flower centerpieces and the arch in the church. It was by far the largest event he has decorated with about 600 people and 70 tables (he was only responsible for about half the tables). I think everything turned out great! I am always amazed at what he is capable of creating.

Chad ordered the flowers for the cake and Tiffany's cousin, who made the cake, arranged them. I thought it turned out nicely. The cake was delicious...all 5 of them:) Not only did they have the wedding cake, but also had 4 other sheet cakes - coconut, hummingbird, lemon and chocolate. Of course I had to have a piece of each one!

I loved this new look of tulips and calla lilly twisted in the water of the tall vases

The bride had a specialty coffee bar at the reception so Chad incorporated coffee beans into the centerpieces and brought in the browns with fiddle head ferns in the bouquets and boutineers.

The bridesmaid's bouquets

The bride's bouquet was white calla lillys and curly willow branches and bear grass to accent.

I love the use of the fiddle head fern with the calla lilly for the boutineers...such a classy look!

We had a wonderful time at the wedding and enjoyed the good food and I especially enjoyed the cakes:) I think Chad probably had one of each of the coffee drinks.

Sutton was all smiles with cousins Chelsea and Tiffany and Great Aunt Deborah.