Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Belly Shots

We had a photo session on Sunday to show off the bun in their oven. Jodi and Amber were also able to get some pics together as well. The photographer, Erin, did a great job and we are very pleased. You can see some of the shots on her blog, www.ecphotography-share.blogspot.com. We should get all the proofs in a few weeks, but until then she has posted a few sneak peeks.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sophie will be decked out just like her mama in her first pair of heels. Aunt Meghan thought it would be fitting that Jodi's daughter have heels just like her mom. She'll definitely make a statement in these shoes from a company called Heelarious. The style Meghan chose is actually called the "Sophie". You can find these and many other styles at http://www.heelarious.com/. We are very appreciative of all the great gifts we have received for Sophie. Thank you all very much.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We've started gathering all of our nursery items but still have a lot to do. It's more to think about than you might think. We've chosen a bed and bedding. Its all pink and green. Shocker, I know:) Jodi also got to get the glider she wanted for all of the late nights with Sophie. It's all coming together, but we have a lot to go.


And the name is .....

Sophie Jo Lamb to be complete. And yes, the name is final. Actually the name has been final for a while. As you can tell, we are not the best at posting in a timely manner (or at all) but hopefully we will get better. For those of you who were privy to the original name discussions, I have relinquished by veto power and am very happy to have a name to put with our ever-growing child. One note: the formal name is Sophie (Not to be confused with Sophia, a smart-mouthed golden girl who loves cheesecake.) Huh, maybe more similarities than I thought. But, it is Sophie. The Jo is a family name. Jodi's grandmother's name was Virginia Jo and my grandmother's name is Nancy Jo. We cant wait to welcome little Sophie into the world and can't wait to share all her adventures with you.