Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rising Star

We went to Puckett's Grocery in Franklin to watch our friend Holly Cormier compete in the Rising Star Competition. We got to spend time with Karen and Holly and have some good food! I ate lunch at Pucketts after most of my doctor visits when I was pregnant with Sophie and love the food and atmosphere. Sophie was so good the whole night. We think she really has a thing for music. It was funny to see her reaching for things. She really wanted her Daddy's sweet tea (I do not want her drinking sweet tea anytime soon). I do have to admit it is pretty cute though. 

Holly won the competition and will compete again in a semifinal round at the end of April. She is such a talented songwriter and amazing performer. You would never guess that she is just 16 years old.

The picture of Holly and Sophie with the older man is Walter Egan 
He is a famous songwriter from the 70's who was there to perform while the votes were being tallied. He wrote Fleetwood Mac's Hot Summer Nights and a pretty popular song, Magnet and Steel, that was in Deuce Bigalow. We had such a great night!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Think It Is Bad That She Puts Everything In Her Mouth??

"Do you think it is bad that she puts everything in her mouth?" - What Chad yells down to me from her room. So of course I grab the camera and head upstairs to see what he is talking about. She trying to get everything in her mouth...even the polar bear's ears. It was almost dangerous because she would go at it so quickly and without much head control and it would hurt her mouth. Guess this is the beginning of a new phase. She also likes your fingers so be prepared if you are holding her:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sophie's 21st Week at Church

We had "Fifth Sunday Dinner" after church on Sunday. Our church has a potluck when there is a "fifth" Sunday in the month. Mrs. Kathy held Sophie while Chad and I ate and then Sophie fell asleep in my arms (she had been awake the entire service). She didn't sleep too long and then was up and smiling with Mammy and Aunt Deborah.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Out to Eat at Mimi's

Chad, Sophie and I went to eat dinner at Mimi's Cafe on Saturday night. We had been inside all day taking it easy and we were ready to get out of the house. There were severe storm advisors out, but it was sunny at our house so we thought we were good to go. It starting raining a little on our way over, but wasn't even raining when we went inside. While we were eating a bad storm came through. We were looking out the windows and couldn't see anything for the hard rain. It had cleared up by the time we finished eating and we were able to go to the car without even getting wet. The next day at church we heard that a tornado had hit in Murfreesboro and caused damage at Marty and Liz (our favorite shoe store where we got engaged) and several other buildings on that street. It was probably less than a mile away from where we were eating! Kind of scary now that I know that.

Sophie was so good during dinner. We kept her in the carseat and she was awake the entire time. So good so far with taking Sophie out in public.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sophie in her Boppy Seat

This is where Sophie goes to the bathroom. Grandmama told me about it, but I didn't really believe her until she did it for me too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grandmama Babysitting

Chad and I went to the Arts Center of Cannon County to watch Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming. Sophie stayed with Grandmama and Grandaddy and this is how I found her when we got home. Grandmama found a red rover beanie baby in her collection. She and Sophie watch Clifford during the day so it was perfect! Sophie is loving her little Clifford dog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sophie and Liam

Loren, Suzy and Liam came over for dinner on Wednesday night. We hadn't seen them since Sophie was 2 weeks old. Liam is turning 1 on April 13th and Suzy just found out she is expecting again! They just found out they will be moving to Atlanta for about a year, but we will get to see them when they come back to Woodbury. 

Spending the day with Aunt Amber and Cousin Karlee

Karlee really wants to eat Sophie's head! They are so cute together these days. They really like to put the other's hands in their mouths.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sophie at the Beauty Shop (Again)

Sophie went to the beauty shop with me again while I got my hair done. Aunt (really Chad's cousin) Amanda does such a good job! Sophie is so good while I get my hair done. It helps that it mainly family around and I can always feed her while Amanda is doing my hair (under the cape). 

Sophie Sleeping

This is how Sophie likes to fall asleep during the day. She needs to be holding onto a finger with your hand on her face. For some reason she is still able to go to sleep at night in her crib (thank goodness!). 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go UT!

We went to eat Mexican with Nanny, Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Brian and Cousin Grant on Sunday night. I had heard that the Lady Vols were playing that night so I thought it was the perfect time to put Sophie in her UT outfit Bharath gave her when she was born. It is just now fitting her so football season was out of the question. I really thought it was a little premature to let her wear during the first round of the tournament and figured I should probably wait until the Vols were in the finals...but what if they lost? Chances were slim, but for the first time in Pat Head Summit's career, the Lady Vols lost in the first round of the tournament. Good thing I went ahead and got pictures of Sophie in her outfit:) She looks like a little boy with the jeans on with it.

Playing Outside on a Beautiful Spring Day!

After church Daddy wanted to get his plants out and clean out the garage. Sophie played in her exersaucer outside and then I put the pack and play outside for her to take a nap...that didn't happen. I also played dress up a little with an outfit of Eliza's that will probably be too small when the weather is really appropriate for her to wear it. 

Sunday Lunch at Granny's

Sunday lunch was a little more entertaining this Sunday with all the great grandchildren there at once. I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture, but Cason got a little carried away with the pepper. Once again, taking a picture with this crew is quiet a challenge. Maybe one day they will all look at the same time:) 

Sophie's 20th Week at Church

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sophie Eats Cereal

On Saturday night we fed Sophie cereal for the first time. It wasn't that successful and I'm not sure when we will try again. I tried to heat up the milk, but wasn't patient enough so I don't think it was the right temp. Apparently feeding them cereal is less for nutritional reasons and more for teaching them to eat from a spoon. She doesn't exactly have the motions down. I ended up putting it in the bottle and feeding her the extra two ounces. I thought for sure this would help her sleep through the night, but it didn't happen.

A Taste Of This and That

Saturday night we had an fundraiser for the youth group at church. This is the third year we have had "A Taste of This and That" and it was a great success. Everyone submits their recipes ahead of time and a cookbook is made (sold for $10). On the night of the event, everyone prepares their recipe for a sampling. We sell tickets to the event to raise money in addition to the profit from the cookbooks. Chad made homemade bread, baked potato soup, creme fraiche mashed potatoes and a pumpkin roll. I helped with nothing. He had already done all the shopping and did some of the cooking on Friday night on my way back from Atlanta. I took care of Sophie on Saturday while he cooked and did manage to clean the bathrooms and vacuum.

So as you can see from the picture, it is getting difficult for me to hold Sophie with one arm. Oh...Chad also decorated for the event. He grew the wheat grass and got a little creative with all the branches. I think he got some at the bank, post office, McDonalds and our neighbors two doors down. Sophie got a picture with Ms. Christi before she got upset when she couldn't get her to do her routine for going to sleep. Somehow Sophie has gotten used to having a hand holding her face and pacifier while she holds on to our finger (I have a picture for a future posting).