Sunday, November 27, 2011

Liza's First Birthday Party

 Liza celebrated her 1st birthday a couple of weeks late after they had to cancel her first party when she was sick. She was a cute little "cupcake" and had a great time at her party:)

The cousin picture

The face may not show it, but Sophie was excited about her Gigi's cupcake

Aunt Joyce and I share a birthday:)

Happy Birthday to Me:)

I had a great 32nd Birthday with my family. We had been pretty busy with Thanksgiving festivities and birthday celebrations so didn't get a big group together. We went to Liza's birthday party after church and decided to stay in that evening. Chad went to choir practice and picked up take out from Macaroni Grill. We had planned to go out, just the four of us, but it was so cold and rainy we didn't want to get back out. Sophie was cute b/c we were talking about how it was like my birthday party. She said..."our home is like a restaurant" and then "our home is like a party." All the time, Sophie!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving with McClarans and Becca's 1st Birthday Celebration

 We celebrated Thanksgiving for the 3rd time on Saturday night at Aunt Deborah's (after our trip to the vineyard). Chad made this adorable turkey vegetable tray (that he saw on pintrest).
 We got a family picture for Mammy and Pappy to use on their Christmas card and then had cake for Becca's birthday (December 4th). It was a good time with always.

Arrington Vineyards Birthday Celebration

Chad and I went to Arrington Vineyards on Saturday afternoon to celebrate my birthday. Nanny watched the kids and had suggested that we might want to go on Saturday instead of Sunday since the weather was supposed to get bad. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the time together with adult conversation:)

What Sutton is up to these days...

Sutton is definitely growing up fast! On this night, he said cat without being prompted and called out for Nanny. He says Mama, Dada, sock, hot, bye bye, hello, hi, up, eat (more like eeeee), waffle (wawa), bath (baba). I am sure I am missing some words, but mostly he does a lot of pointing and saying uuuhhh. Of course we give him what he wants so it is easy for him to continue. Even though he isn't talking that much he definitely knows what you are talking about and can follow commands. I mention bath and he starts taking off clothes and heading for the bathroom...he loves a bath! He also loves milk (like his sister) and will go to the refrigerator with his cup and try to open the door. Lots of pointing and grunting and uhh...uhhhh. He is also obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Good thing because it is all Sophie wants to watch too! He will sit on the couch for an entire episode and start uhhh uhhhing for more when the hot dog song starts. He will find the remote and bring to us pointing to the TV. He also loves socks and shoes and when we talk about leaving he will go get them and try to put them on himself and start saying bye bye and going to the door. Sometimes he gets upset b/c it is taking us too long to actually get out the door.
Sutton has been great at going to sleep in his crib on his own. He typically takes two naps a day (Sophie never napped on any kind of schedule). All you have to do is ask if he is ready for a nap and he will shake his head yes and point up and say "up" and we take him to bed and he lounges into the crib. It is pretty amazing. It is just about as easy at night too. He is more like me with his love of naps and sleeping:)
Sutton is a sweet little boy who will lean in and put his head against yours to give you "love" or kisses. This also turns into headbutting sometimes...definitely all boy! He has also developed a bit of a temper. He stomps his foot when he is mad (and when he is excited too). I guess he got it from Sophie, but he is just so little to have such a little attitude. Sutton knows what he wants and what he doesn't. If he doesn't want to eat something there is no use in trying. He is very headstrong. With that being said, he is still a really good kid and does well when we are out. He loves to laugh and gets really excited when he and Sophie are playing and being silly. His smile is so sweet and I just want to eat him up! He is such a joy!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chad's 31st Birthday

 We celebrated Chad's birthday by going bowling at Lanes Trains and Automobiles near our house. It was our first time trying it out and it was a great, family friendly place. The kids had a great time and it was a good thing we had more adults than kids b/c it was a handful trying to keep an eye on them and keep them entertained (without them being in the middle of someone else's bowling lane).
Sophie was cooling off with the air that was blowing

We had a good turnout for last minute plans

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

 We hung around the house all day and enjoyed a day off with the kids. Chad, Sophie and Sutton enjoyed watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! We went to Papa's for dinner and enjoyed celebrating with the Lamb family.

 It was wild with all the kids running around. All the little ones are walking/running now so there are 3 more on the move (and under our feet). You really have to be careful where you step!
 Gotta love the one armed baby doll Sophie found to play with. She is really into dolls right now!
 The grandkid picture was almost impossible. At least we tried.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving...the first celebration

 Grandmama, Grandaddy, Amber, James, Karlee, Katelyn, Morgan and Matt came over for Thanksgiving on the Wednesday night before. It was a lot easier than trying to do so much in just one day since we all had in-laws to celebrate with also. We all cooked something to add to the meal, but Grandmama made the majority. Chad decorated for the evening and added a nice feel.

 The best thing Amber contributed to the meal was a bottom of wine appropriately named " Middle Sister...Goodie Two-Shoes"
 The kids were very interested in all the ornaments. Chad had to give a little lesson on what they could and couldn't touch. We made it through the night without anything crazy happening!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trey and Cooper's Dedication

 The boys were dedicated at New Vision on the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. Aunt Joan and Big Dave (aka Papaw) drove down for the day. Grandmama, Grandaddy, Amber, James, Karlee and Katelyn were also there, but we just managed to get this picture. It is so great to have David and Carrie back in Middle Tennessee and glad that we could be a part of this special event!
 Trying to get a picture of Trey and Sophie together. It was cute when we told them to hug, Trey leaned over and hugged and kissed her! He is such a sweet little boy:)

Church, Lunch and Christmas Tree Decorating...

Sophie and Sutton had a food collection in Sunday school during the month of November. I am so glad that Nanny is teaching their Sunday School class! Sophie really got into taking food for "the kids."

 After church, we met Grandmama at B. McNeels in Murfreesboro for lunch. They have a great brunch that ends at 2pm. We got there about 1:45 and they were out of a few things and when they didn't have what they needed for my order of french toast they said lunch was on them...pretty nice treat:)
 We went home after lunch, got into pjs and decorated the Christmas tree. Sutton and I helped in the beginning, but he and I took a nap while Chad and his "little helper" finished the tree. Sophie is really into the ornaments this year and gets really excited about every one of them! Sutton loved the Mickey ornaments and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. It is going to be interesting trying to keep him away from them:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aunt Meghan's Visit and Opryland

 My friend Meghan came to visit and we spent Saturday in Nashville. We had lunch at Calypso and then went to Opryland Hotel. Meghan had always wanted to watch the Rockettes so I went with her and Chad took the kids around in the hotel. They watched the Shrek show and made a gingerbread house and met Gingy.

 Meghan and I had a great time at the show and then met up with Chad and the kids to check out the Christmas decorations in the hotel.

 We were trying to be cute and pose like the Rockettes...not nearly as high of a kick! Meghan has a cute little baby bump. She is due at the end of March and having a little girl. Can't wait to meet Georgia!

 We hung out for a little bit and enjoyed princess cupcakes from Gigi's! It was such a great day:)