Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween with The Alfonsos

We went to James and Amber's on Sunday evening to go trick or treating and enjoy hot dogs and chili. I'm glad Sophie got to do the door to door trick or treating instead of having to get in and out of the car so much like we did in is just a different experience. Grandmama and James's mom and grandmother were also there to join in on the fun. Sophie and Karlee had a blast riding in the wagon and saying "trick or treat." Some of her neighbors had dressed up like Bert, Ernie and Charlie Brown. We saw them when we were on the other side of the street and decided it would be best to wait till last since Karlee would probably be scared. It was a good call b/c she wasn't so sure about them. Sophie loved it and got some candy for Karlee. It is all she talked about for days..."I saw Bert and Ernie at Amber's house." It definitely made and impression on her!

Sutton's 7th Week at Church - Bethany and Keith's Shower

Sophie has been lighting the candles for the service now and I have to admit it makes me a little nervous (even though she always has help from Johnson or Arianna). You may be able to tell how she takes off running and that doesn't really mix with fire:)
The church had a wedding shower for Bethany and Keith after the service and Chad did the flowers and decorations. The centerpiece on the food table was an idea he got from Southern Living and his brother and dad helped out by cutting the wood. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Celebrations in Eagleville

We went out to Eagleville on Saturday (day before Halloween) to particpate in the community event at the park and to "trick or treat" with family members. Sophie and Sutton were in the costume contest, but didn't win. I will admit this was my first disappointment as a parent with my child not winning...not that I was that upset. They didn't have it organized very well and picked the judges as the kids were sitting there. I know my kids are the cutest:)
We went to Nanny and Grandpa's, Granny and Papa's and ended the night at Mammy and Pappy's for soup and sandwiches. Sophie had a good time showing off her Ariel costume and Sutton was very content. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hand Foot Mouth

So we had plans to go to Amber's and play with Karlee and Katelyn on Friday afternoon, but those plans got cancelled when we found out Sophie had hand, foot, mouth. I had called the nurse after noticing bumps on Sophie's bottom (had started a couple days before) and just noticed some on her feet. The nurse diagnosed over the phone after I looked at her hands and confirmed there were more there. Sophie hadn't been acting sick at all so it surprised me. She said as long as she wasn't running a fever she wasn't contagious. Turns out she never really felt bad or ran a fever and it started going away by Sunday.
Sophie is getting much better about taking a nap on her own. She will lay on the couch with her "pink cover" and her "two paci's." Apparently she "needs" two pacis at all times. Sometimes she just says "I need my two"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like his Daddy...

Ginger gave me a couple of outfits that Chad wore when he was 6 weeks old. He had his picture made in the blue pants and vest. I couldn't resist putting him in them for a little photo shoot. Figured I better before he grew out of them...they weren't too big at all. He looks like such a little man! So adorable:)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Big Boy!!!

Did I mention that Sutton is growing so much. I don't know what he weighs exactly, but I just feel like he is much bigger than Sophie at his age. I am curious to find out his percentiles when we go for his 2 month checkup. 
We all had baths this afternoon. I realized we hadn't given Sutton a bath in a while...we really do kind of forget to bath him! Sophie is all about saying..."I wanna see." So pulling up a chair and letting her "help" is a frequent thing these days. 

Wild Things - Halloween

All the kids wore their costumes to Wild Things on Wednesday. We did manage to get the costume and out the door on time. I ended up not putting Sutton's costume on him when we got there (couldn't put it on before cause he couldn't be strapped in) since he was sleeping so peacefully. Sophie walked in with her wig, but it didn't stay on long. I can't blame her since it would be hard to sing and do craft while keeping it on. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hayride at Grandpa and Nanny's

Grandpa took us on a hayride after church on Sunday. Cason, Lane and Eliza joined in on the cousin fun:) We rode around the school and then along the backside of the farm. It was a nice day out (a little windy) and the kids really had a good time. Sutton and Luke napped and Sophie and Grant were almost there. We also took this opportunity to take a few pictures with the pumpkin. This could be the beginning of a Halloween tradition.

Sutton's 6th Sunday at Church

Look at this grown up looking boy! He is so alert and strong. He has been able to hold up his head from day 1 I think:) 
Sophie is as wild as every. She had been out on the playground with Mammy, Eliza and Grant after church and Mammy had to tuck her dress in so she could get up the slide without stepping on it. Still having a few fits now and then...basically anytime she doesn't get her way:)
The last picture was one Chad took that morning while I was still sleeping. They can be pretty sweet together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

When You See Two Elephants on the Side of the Interstate...

You have to find out what is going on!! We were heading to get Halloween pictures made when Chad noticed there were two elephants on the side of I-24 (behind the trees). I didn't believe him and couldn't figure out why they would be there, but we had to find out. It took forever to get the pictures, but on the way home we drove back to the area where we thought they would be. A lot of cars were leaving and we went against the traffic and saw the sign "Circus Here Today." I thought we had missed it, but went up to the building to check only to find out there was another show in an hour. We had seen the lions and tigers in a cage from behind and saw the elephants inside too. 
We had already made plans to have Jennifer and her family over for dinner, but called her to see if they would rather come to the circus (in less than hour). We grabbed food at McDonalds across the street and got some cash out of the ATM and headed back over to get tickets. I fed Sutton in the car quickly before going in. 
I hadn't been to a circus since I was little and don't have good memories. I remember being far away in a huge auditorium and being terrified of the loud noises that the motorcycles made as they rode around in the cage. This was a great circus. It was in a small building - the national guard armory - and there were about 4 or 5 rows around the center stage so we were all really close. Grant and Sophie loved it!!! They had elephant rides during the intermission and Chad took Sophie to ride ($12 wasn't bad for the chance of a least that is what they said:). Sophie wasn't scared at all and waved at Grant as they rode around. It is all she can talk about now...."I rode elephant with Daddy at the circus". She also talks about the dogs that jumped through the fire and climbed up a ladder and jumped. I'm so glad we made this impromptu decision.