Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Day at Grandmama's

Amber brought Karlee and Katelyn to the boro and we met up at Grandmama's to hang out for the day. We took the girls to the pool for about and hour and then had a great lunch. Amber and Morgan gave the girls a bath and then they attempted to take a nap. Of course, Sophie is not good at going to sleep with so much going on. It might look like they are all about to fall asleep, but it wasn't long before Sophie was up jumping. We ended up heading home (where Sophie still didn't nap). I wish I had done a better job of getting Sophie used to napping on her own before Sutton comes...I know I'm going to regret it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Banana Bread with Sophie

Sophie and I made banana bread on Monday night and Sophie had so much fun! We talked about each ingredient as we put them in and Sophie was repeating everything. Afterward she even ate a little "nana bread." 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bonnie Stops By...

A good friend of mine from the MBA program stopped by to visit on her way back to Chattanooga. Sophie has only seen Bonnie a couple of times (once at her wedding last fall). You would have thought she has known her forever. She was showing off just a little and was loving the attention. It was great to get to see Bonnie...hopefully it will be more often now that she lives in Chattanooga and not Houston. 

37 Weeks...Full Term!

We decided to take a few pictures of my 37 week belly. I thought they turned out pretty good for a black piece of fabric hung on the laundry door in front of the back door with the shade pulled up:) We had similar pictures from when I was pregnant with Sophie but had a different look for the maternity pictures this time. I don't have any of the files for the pictures from this time to share...they were 10 weeks ago so the belly has definitely grown! 
I have made it to what doctors consider "full term" and everything should be fine if I were to have him now. If I went the same as Sophie that would be like having him on Tuesday morning...seems very real all the sudden! I have an appointment Wednesday morning so we will see how I'm progressing. We did start packing a bag today...well at least we washed some of Sutton's things and thought about what we want to take. Chad has swept, mopped and vacuumed this weekend. I think we are pretty ready if anything happens. 

Sophie's 92nd Week at Church

We had 5th Sunday potluck lunch at church today. Sophie and Grant lit the candles together. Well...they walked together each time...Sophie lit them and then Grant put them out after the service. When Grant put them out Sophie claps and says "Yay Grant!" Can you tell we use a little positive reinforcement??

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We are in trouble:)

Nanny and Grandpa brought over the cradle for Sutton on Saturday evening. Grandpa helped Chad with several projects around the house and then we had dinner. Once they left, Chad was changing Sophie's diaper and getting her ready for bed. He turned his head for a second and she was in the cradle (of course we let her do it again so I could get a picture). We talk about Sutton coming and what is his, but I have a feeling she is in for a big shock. I can just see her wanting to help with everything and thinking she can carry him around like a baby doll. Guess he will have to be a tough little boy!

Lunch with Aunt Meghan:)

Meghan was in Nashville for the weekend for a mini Vandy reunion with Jordan and Lindsey. Since I was so close to having Sutton we were limited to the activities that I would participate in:) We met up for lunch at Calypso on Saturday afternoon, hung out at the mall for a little while before heading back to Murfreesboro. 
We also got to see Angela (sorority sister) at lunch. She and her husband just finished residency at Vanderbilt and she is due September 7th with a little boy (you can't even tell she is pregnant from the front on angle...so cute). 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoo Day with Aunt Amber and Karlee

Amber took Sophie and Karlee to the zoo while I stayed at Amber's with Katelyn (I definitely had the easy end of that deal). They had a great time and the girls enjoyed the jumping area (I didn't even know it existed). The one thing the girls talked about when they got home was how the elephant pooped. Katelyn slept almost the entire time in her swing although I did get to enjoy spending some one on one time with my little niece before she napped. 

I'm waiting on pictures from Amber and will post them soon:)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The end of this pregnancy is so different than with Sophie. With Sophie we didn't know what to expect and my water broke almost 3 weeks early and we didn't even have a bag packed or the carseat in the car. It all worked out perfectly...we didn't have to worry about it happening any day and when it did happen things went smoothly. Didn't have time to worry too much. 

So now that I know it could happen early that means I have to really think about it for a good 3 1/2 weeks wondering each night if it is going to happen. After my appointment on Wednesday I wasn't feeling great and for the first time thought...this really could happen soon. I still haven't packed a bag (I know, Aunt Joan, I need to) but at least the clothes I want to take are clean. Still need to get the carseat in my car and wash Sutton's clothes in Dreft (forgot about that part). I did charge the camera battery and check the video camera battery the other night. 

Chad was acting kind of weird Wednesday night and I didn't know if he just thought I was over reacting (in all reality it could be another 2 weeks before Sutton arrives). I am not claiming to be in labor or anything...just trying to be aware of any changes in my body and be ready when it happens. Chad said he just had it in his head we would make it through this weekend and just thought he would be born in September. He explained his feelings of being anxious as feeling like he was about to open a present in front of someone and not sure he was going to like it or the feeling of someone throwing him a surprise party. Not that Sutton is an unwanted present...just that he doesn't have control over the situation and can't plan for anything. I hadn't really thought about it like that, but this is Chad's personality. It worked out that he never had time to be anxious when Sophie was born so this is a new feeling. So not only do we have to worry about getting ourselves packed and to the hospital, but we also have Sophie to take care of. I'm not so worried about her as long as Grandmama can answer her phone in the middle of the night (or during the day for that matter). For now we will try not to be too anxious. This could be a long 2 weeks:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh...UPS rang the doorbell today and I was surprised to get the camera lens back. They sent the body last week and the status on the lens still said waiting for parts and I had it on a list (mental list that is) of things to check on today. It seems to be working well. I'm so glad we have it back before Sutton arrives!

Last Night of Revival

We finished up revival at our church tonight. We have had 4 nights of great music and preaching. We have truly been blessed with talent this week. I have been thankful for Mammy and Nanny helping entertain Sophie each night. I don't have much of a lap for Sophie anymore (notice the picture of my 36 week and 4 day belly) so it makes it a little more difficult while Chad is in the choir. 
Nanny made glasses out of these twisty things (have no idea what they are called). Chad put them on her during the service and she automatically started laughing. She didn't even know how funny she looked. She also got Chelsea, Brandon and Tiffany's attention in front of her and started laughing out loud to them...such a little ham! 
Oh...before we left for revival we were trying to eat a quick dinner...each of us just making do with random things. Anyway...I had fixed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me and Sophie and then made the mistake of putting chips on my plate. Of course, she didn't want to eat her sandwich...just chips. So Chad told her he would give her a chip if she ate 3 bites and put them aside. She thought she would be sneaky and put it in her mouth real quick but them spit it out and tried to hide it. Funny that she is trying to be manipulative already, but she will learn quickly that we are smarter than that!
So this afternoon and evening I haven't felt great. Got some lower back pain and pressure...not that I think I'm in labor or anything. Of course I still haven't packed a bag for the hospital, but I'm trying to get caught up on the blog..."just in case." 

My 36 Week Appointment

Grandmama came over to watch Sophie while I went to my doctor's appointment. She took her to Wild Things Class where they learned about frogs. I was glad she still got to go even though I ended up having to make Wednesday appointments for the next two weeks. 
Dr. says I'm dilated to a "good" 1 and 30% effaced. He has definitely dropped. I forgot to post about last weeks appointment, but I had started to dilate, but not quiet a 1 yet so I am making progress. She doesn't seem to think I will go the full time, but says that she would induce me at 39 weeks if I am still pregnant at that point. Last week I had lost a pound, but gained that back and 2 more this week (maybe it was the two extra days I had past the 1 week appointment). Still pretty pleased with 23lbs so far. 
Sophie wasn't ready for Grandmama to leave and kept saying "Grandmama's house"...she really wanted to go with her:) I didn't post about Tuesday, but we spent all day at Grandmama's house b/c she and Grandaddy had gotten home the night before and Grandaddy had to leave out for work today. Amber brought the girls so we got to all spend time together. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday with Karlee and Katelyn

Amber and I had planned to get together on Monday since Katelyn had her 2 month appointment and I was going to watch Karlee while they went. I ended up running errands that morning and leaving Sophie with her first. 
I visited Theresa, a church member who had surgery last week to remove a cancerous tumor in her colon. After months of chemo and radiation, the tumor was gone when they went in for the surgery...what a blessing! The plan is for more treatments in the months ahead, but as of the time I was talking to her, the doctor hadn't given her the plan of treatment after finding out more from the surgery. We had a great visit...she is such a faithful and positive person! After leaving the hospital, I went by the AOII house to sign some contracts and then headed back to Amber's. 
Of course, I get the girls after they had lunch and were in need of a nap (I only had two and not all three though). I decided to turn on Mickey, turn off the lights and attempt to rest. They were too cute laying there on the couch...obviously tired, but never gave it up. They had such a good time together!
We headed home around 4:45pm and got back in time to get ready for revival. It was a long day, but we had a great time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wyatt's Baby Dedication

Amanda had Wyatt's baby dedication at the Eagleville Methodist Church on Sunday. The whole family was there, but this was the only picture I got with my camera. Their service starts an hour before ours, so Chad rushed off to our service when it finished while Sophie and I stayed with Nanny and Grandpa. There was definitely something on the lens of the camera the night before and at church...finally realized it and got it cleaned off. 
After church we had lunch at Aunt Joyce's and also had a coming home party for Mac (he was in Texas this summer for an internship). The kids swam (Chad got in with Sophie and I tried to stay cool inside) and we had a good time eating and visiting. We got home in time to spend a couple hours before heading back out to church for revival. Of course we had a potluck meal before the service. All I did on Sunday was go to church, eat, nap, eat and then church again. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leslie and Cliff's Engagement Party

Lee and Samantha hosted an engagement party for Leslie and Cliff. All the Lamb cousins were there and we had a great time (despite the storms and rain that happened just before). Sophie had fun with Sam's miniature poodles and even picked them up (I'm surprised they let her). I looked over at one point and she was sitting in one of their dog beds pulling out all their toys. She is a mess! 
Grant and Sophie had fun jumping on the couch and wrestling. Chad and Luke had matching outfits (not planned) and we had to get a picture. Deanna and I could both fit in the comfy recliner...wasn't as easy to get out:)  The cake was so cute...going along with the western theme of the wedding. The wedding is September 4th so it won't be long. We are hoping Sutton doesn't decide to come within three days of the wedding. Chad is doing the flowers so as long as I'm not giving birth at the time, he will be there. We are so excited for them!

PSF Work Day

This was what Chad looked like when he came to the door after working all morning at the Presbyterian Student Fellowship house (at MTSU). This was the second of two clean up days they have had this summer. Sophie knew he was dirty and wouldn't go give him a hug:) 
Just a reminder that if you know of any students at MTSU, let them know about PSF. They meet at the house on Middle Tennessee Blvd across from Faulkenberry (I think that is the name of the street) on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Churches from the area provides food for the group before their worship service. Let us know if you know someone who might be interested and we can always introduce them to the pastor or someone in the group.  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

McClaran Gathering

Pappy's sister, Aunt Sissy, was in town from Maryland with her daughter and two grand-daughters so they got together a pretty impromptu potluck dinner at the church. This was the first time in about 7 years that almost everyone was together. We got different generation pictures and then a picture of the "out-laws" :) My belly is almost 36 weeks...getting out there!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip to Sevierville for Mamaw's funeral

Chad worked half a day on Wednesday and Sophie and I picked him up and headed to Sevierville to get to the funeral home just as the visitation started...the funeral followed. There were a lot of friends and family there to pay their respects and we appreciate all the prayers. 
Sophie got to see Mamaw Rhea "sleeping" and we told her she was with Jesus. Sophie definitely knows her and says her name often. I'm so glad we got to that point of recognition before she died. Sophie made a heart in Sunday School (with Nanny) that said "Sophie loves Mamaw Rhea." That was almost two weeks ago and she still says that she wants to make a heart for Mamaw Rhea when they start the project. 
We were able to visit with Aunt Joan and Big Dave before going out to our cabin to stay the night. Amber and her family stayed out there with us. It was hard to get the girls calmed down for bed since they were so excited to be together and in a new place. We went to the burial the next morning and then spent time at Aunt Pauline's before heading back to Murfreesboro. It was great to see family all together. Unfortunately, I still didn't have the camera back so I don't have any pictures from the trip. Not that a funeral is the best place to be snapping pictures, but it was a time that we were all together in one place. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mamaw Rhea is in Heaven Now...

Dad called at 2:15am to tell me that Mamaw had passed away. I guess it had gotten bad last night because they called in the hospice nurse and she was there when it happened. Dad said that everyone was there and they were singing Amazing Grace when she took her last breath. She had started having a hard time breathing this weekend and started having pain in her back and stomach on Sunday. It is hard to describe how I feel right now because I am glad that it wasn't drawn out and she didn't have to suffer long, but at the same time it is sad that she is gone. I know she is in a much better place and with her family members who have gone before her. She is such a strong, independent woman and I think she would have wanted it this way. She refused to have a wheelchair it would have been hard for her to lay there for months not being able to do anything for herself. 
I am so thankful that she was feeling well for the first week she was out of the hospital and we were able to visit with her before she started having trouble breathing and was in pain. She will be greatly missed here on earth, but we know we will see her again in Heaven one day! 
Chad is trying to work out his schedule with work and Dad is meeting to finalize the funeral plans around 1pm today, but as of now I think the visitation and funeral will be tomorrow night and the burial on Thursday. We will definitely be there by tomorrow night, but might leave tonight. Please keep my Dad and his siblings in your prayers as they spend the next few days saying goodbye and honoring their mother. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sutton's Baby Shower

The family put together a little shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Sutton. It was just a family event, but with all our family is never small! Amber got the cake from Publix and it turned out so cute. Aunt Deborah did the decorations and the menu was potluck so there was lots of great food. Check out my 35 week belly:) 
Sutton got lots of nice gifts, diapers and money. Grandmama put together all her random gifts she has been buying since we found out we were having a boy (she likes to say I don't like anything she buys). She actually did a good job...especially the little shoes:) She also gave him a lamb that started singing "ba ba ba...ba ba baran" (I don't know how to write it out). Anyway...when it's ears started flapping up and down everyone was cracking up! 
Mom and Dad were leaving right after the shower to go and be with Mamaw Rhea - she had started taking a turn for the worse. We got a family picture and then I let Dad take his camera with him. I still need to get some pictures from Jennifer's camera. 
It was so nice of the family to get together and celebrate Sutton. We are very fortunate to have such a supportive and loving family. Sutton will truly be blessed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sophie's 2nd Stick Horse Race...

We went to the Country Horse Show in Eagleville on Saturday night. I don't really understand the difference, but it was a different kind of horse? than the one we went to before. This one is put on to raise money for the Eagleville Community Center that Granny and Papa are so involved with. It is pretty much all the Lamb's that put this together so we went to "help." Sophie remembered that she had named her horse Mickey last time and was ready to ride. She did much better about the riding, but got distracted b/c Grandpa was doing the announcing and he and Nanny were in the center ring. She was so excited that she kept trying to go to them instead of riding her horse. 
Mammy, Pappy and Eliza came and the kids played in the back of the truck until the storm came. We were under the concession stand tent for a while and kept thinking it would pass quickly. It only got worse and eventually the lighting got so bad it scared Nanny so Jennifer and I made a run for it with the kids and got in Nanny's car to let it pass. It never got any better so we got to our car and headed home. We definitely needed the rain, but didn't expect that much!