Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sophie's 64th Sunday - Church Cancelled Due to Snow

Church was cancelled to be on the safe side with all the back roads and the preacher couldn't get out of driveway due to the steepness. The McClaran's met up for a late breakfast at the Cracker Barrel down from our house. It was a last minute thing, but there were 23 of us there! It was nice to get out of the house and it was a beautiful, sunny day. The snow started melting on the roads and we took advantage of a quick photo shoot before going inside (don't wasn't too cold). Grandmama and Grandaddy came over that evening and Sophie got a little snack in the floor...she was loving the cantaloupe. When we fed her dinner later that night she fell asleep as Chad and I were talking and finishing our food. It was hilarious because she would kind of wake up and take a bite with her eyes closed. She finally just gave it up....definitely my child:)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sophie Playing in the Snow!

This was Sophie's first time to be out in the snow (besides when she was just a couple of months old). Her daddy got her all bundled up and we let her walk outside. The boots were the easiest to walk in anyway - not counting the slickness of the snow. She had a little fall, but it didn't really phase her. We went across the street to steal a picture with some of the snowmen (no we did not build one ourselves). Sophie liked the snow better than I thought...especially when I sent some in the house with her in her little bowl. 

It had started snowing that Friday mid morning (while Sophie and I were in Kroger). It came down pretty hard while we were in there and we had a good dusting (I also stood in line down an aisle for about 35 minutes). We stayed in all of Saturday and it actually got a little boring although it was great to spend time at home with Sophie and Chad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lunch with Katie and Nathaniel

Sophie and I met Katie and Nathaniel at Marina's on the square for lunch. I hadn't been there since David and Carrie were in the boro and we used to go for "date night." We had a nice lunch and stopped by Anastasia's to see what they had before they went out of business and then headed over to a boutique sale I had gotten an email about. The Kids Clothes Basket out of Hendersonville had set up the sale in the Double Tree for one day. There was a lot more there than I expected and actually pretty good deals on spring and summer. I got Sophie 3 smocked dresses. I also called Aunt Elizabeth and she and Pappy stopped by (they had been to a doctor's appointment in Murfreesboro). We were in there so long we had to let Nathaniel and Sophie out of their strollers to roam around. It was so weird just letting her walk around in more of a public place...luckily Pappy helped me keep an eye on her. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Morgan!!!

We celebrated Aunt Morgan's 22nd birthday at Camino (her favorite). I had watched Karlee at my house that day and since we had two carseats just planned to meet Amber and James at the restaurant. Amber had packed the pink sweater that Grandmama got them both so I dressed them alike (practicing in case I have another girl). Grandaddy had been out of town for work and made it back by the end of dinner to surprise everyone (except me because I knew he was lying when he said he was going to have to stay another night and called him out). 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharing the News

I took the pregnancy test on Friday morning, January 8th. Of course I was itching to share the news right away, but actually held off until we went to see Mom and Dad that night. Mom even asked me on the phone if I had taken the test yet and I lied (that is how she found out about my pregnancy with Sophie). We stopped by there place before dinner and set up a picture with Sophie and then said "Sophie...say I'm going to be a big sister." As you can see, they were pretty excited! I had called Morgan and Amber on the way over knowing that Morgan had to work and we wouldn't see Amber that night. 

We were supposed to celebrate Don and Dustin's birthday on Saturday night, but because of illness we had postponed. Chad really wanted to wait to get everyone together, but I pushed for telling after church on Sunday. We set up the picture (it was actually Don's birthday) with Grant, Sophie and Nanny and Grandaddy. Then Chad said..."get Luke in the picture." So Jennifer got behind them (she is having a baby boy on March 12th if not earlier). Once he took that picture he said "get the other one in there." So I started making my way into the picture and you can see how surprised they were. Jennifer, being 8 months pregnant even peed on herself a little from the excitement (sorry was way too funny). It is always fun sharing the good news with family and friends. 

Sophie is Going to be a Big Sister!!!

Chad, Sophie and I went to visit Dr. Scott on Monday the 25th to meet the newest addition of our family. Sophie only has the ultrasound picture, but she is already giving her sibling kisses:) I took the camera into the appointment, but forgot to take any pictures...I guess it is something about being up on the exam table that makes you forget about pulling out the camera! I was 6 1/2 weeks along and we got to see the amazing!!! I am due September 18th (the 24th if you ask my mom since that is her birthday and she is still pushing for that date). We are so excited to complete our little family with baby #2. 
So we need to come up with a new name for the blog (and Chad and Jodi + 2 is not creative enough). Leave comments with your suggestions...we need help!

Playing with Karlee

We hung out with Karlee on Monday afternoon. The first picture is them glued to the TV when I was getting their food ready. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Picture with the Lamb Cousins...Wyatt included:)

Look how much they changed in a year!

We had a fun lunch at Granny's after church. All the cousins (great grandkids) were there and we actually got at least on picture with them all sitting and looking (kind of). You can imagine it is a little hard these days! Amanda brought Wyatt up to join in the fun and you can see that Sophie all about wanting to get her hands on him. I constantly have to hold her back because she wants to grab him like she does her baby dolls! It is such a fun time at Granny's when everyone is around. I know Chad enjoys the time with his cousins as well:)

Sophie's 63rd Week at Church

Playing with Zoe after church...she is growing up so much! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeding Herself

Sophie decided she was big enough to feed herself and there is really no stopping her once she starts. She actually did a pretty good job, but I'm not ready to let this happen all the time. At home is okay and with foods that aren't too messy. I don't know what happened, but after he little stomach bug she started eating everything! We switched from a bottle to sippy cup after (I know I should have done it sooner, but she always let the water drip down her mouth when she drank out of a sippy cup and didn't want her to do that with milk). She did great with the switch! She now drinks a cup in the mornings, one in the afternoon and one before bed. She is eating so many more foods and more of it. She actually goes to her highchair when I ask her if she is ready to eat and is excited about food. Guess she is really growing up now!

Sophie and Karlee Playing Dolls...

We had met James and Amber at The Ave thinking we could walk around and shop, but it wasn't as warm as we were thinking once we got there. We went over to Grandmama and Grandaddy's to hang out for the afternoon. Morgan's best friend, Brittany, and her cousin, Erin, were in town to celebrate her birthday so we got to hang out with them too. Mom had pulled out all mine and Amber's collector dolls (Madame Alexander and Precious Moments). You can see we didn't really keep them in "collector" shape. Sophie and Karlee had fun playing with them. I love how they were placing them on the window so nicely. You can see there is a little competition with the girls as they like to take things away when the other is playing. They really love each other, but they are going to have to learn how to share:)

Sophie Playing Outside

It was a pretty mild day and we were about to leave when Sophie actually walked out the front door with us. I didn't realize it, but she hadn't ever walked outside (that I can think of). She didn't start walking until November and then the weather was always too cold to let her just run around outside. It was cute seeing her walk out the door...she seemed like such a big girl! She immediately ran over to the neighbors yard. They have a lot of what we call "yard art". Sophie will have lots of fun playing with all the ceramic animals and figurines in our neighbors yard:)