Monday, June 29, 2009

Sophie Hanging out With Cousins

After trying to recover from the 2am arrival back home, Sophie and I met Katie and Nathaniel at Newk's for lunch. Then we strolled around The Ave for a bit before it was time for naps and another feeding. It was fun to get out and meet up for lunch with Sophie...things I miss while working.

After our little outing, Sophie and I went to Aunt Amber's to visit Karlee. Grandmama was there watching Karlee and Sophie was very happy to see them. The girls are so cute with Grandmama as they try to climb on her and look to her when the other is being a little too rough.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

3rd Day at the Beach

Grandpa made pancakes and sausage for breakfast - one of his Sunday morning specialties. (Oh...this was Sophie's 34th Sunday in her life and the first time she hasn't been to church. We plan to make up for it next week with a community revival. 

We spent the morning hours at the beach and went back out after lunch and a quick nap. C
had got out the long lens and we experimented with some action shots in the ocean. I know it seems almost wrong that we had her out there, but it wasn't that bad and she never even got scared. It did get a little rough out there, but I think it was fun for her. I got a kick out of the crazy faces and moves I was making. You would think I could stop the water from reaching her the way I had my arms spread out.

We did spend a little time in the pool for the first time. Sophie is just a little water baby. She kicks and moves her arms just like she could swim if we let go. She loved watching Uncle Dustin go under the water and pop back up. It was like a water game of peek-a-boo for her. She was laughing out loud.

We stayed out and played and then went in and got ready to go. We left at 7pm and got home just before 2am. I planned to take off on Monday and Chad had to get back to work so we drove in shifts. I had the last couple of hours while he slept. It worked out great for me b/c I could talk to Alli (who is living in Singapore with a 12 hour time differe
nce). We talked for 1 hour and 45 minutes...the whole time I was driving in the end. This is one time that the time difference is a great thing:) Sophie slept for over five hours once I fed and her and we got on the interstate. The last picture is when I went to get her out and found the water bottle with her. She had woke up a little on 840 when we were almost home and I guess this was Chad's way of calming her down.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dinner out at "The Original" Point Restaurant

We had plans to go to Lambert's (where they throw the rolls), but decided to stay closer to the condo and spend more time on the beach. The owner of the condo suggested it and said it was more of the "locals" place. They had a bluegrass band playing and the seafood was great. Nothing fancy about the place (if you couldn't tell). After dinner we listened to the band for a little bit and Andriana did a little clogging. Sophie wasn't in the best mood during dinner, but we made it. She was so exhausted and fell asleep on the way home (pretty much as soon as we started moving). As you can see, it didn't take long to get back to sleep with Daddy:)

Pictures on the Beach

We decided it would be a good idea to take pictures on the beach before dinner tonight. Chad, Sophie and I were ready first (I know big surprise) and headed on down. We should have thought about it being hard to have Sophie down there without letting her play, but we didn't even think about it. She got so excited when we walked by the pool on the way. Anyway...she was tired and not in the best mood - I don' t know who was more fussy - me or her. Pictures stress me out sometimes and it was hot and my hair was going crazy after I had spent so much time fixing it. Thankfully we got some good pictures out of the whole ordeal.

The picture of Sophie and Grant was the one just before Grant took a handful of sand and put on her head:) We didn't do the entire family picture because Brian isn't with us...he had to work.

Day 2 at the Beach

Daddy made omelets for everyone while Sophie played with Grant and read with Grandpa. We got out a little earlier today and played in the ocean and then Sophie and I had a nap under the tent. It wasn't a very long nap, but it helped us last until lunch. After lunch Sophie and I slept for about 2 1/2 hours. It still wasn't enough b/c she was really tired and not so happy for the pictures we did on the beach.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dinner at the Crab Trap...Again

Sophie made her 3rd trip to the Crab Trap in just 8 months. We had eaten there twice in January when we were in Perdido Key with Grandmamma and Grandaddy, Aunt Amber and Karlee. Chad definitely just ate here for me since he doesn't eat fish or seafood...he says the burger was good though. We put Sophie in a high chair (first time doing this out to eat) and she did great. We had a nice meal and she was such a good girl and well behaved. The food was great...I love their crab cakes!

Sophie Loves The Beach!!!

We got to Perdido Key last night just before 1am. Sophie had slept most of the way except when we stopped to eat and had only eaten once during the 7 1/2 hour trip so I thought for sure she wouldn't wake up so happy when we got to the condo, but I was wrong. She was wired and so happy. Nanny stayed up to greet us and was getting a kick out of Sophie being so happy. Needless to say she wasn't ready to go to bed and we were. I have no idea what time we finally got to sleep, but I think we fell asleep before she did. 

The morning got off to slow start and I went grocery shopping with Grandpa and by the time I got back and got Sophie ready for the beach she was tired and ready for a nap. She napped in her pack and play for about 45 minutes while Chad and I made chicken salad. It was about 12pm when we finally made it out to the beach (probably the worst time of the day for a baby). We introduced Sophie to the ocean and she wasn't a big fan at first. You can tell by her puckered lip that she was a little scared (Mom says I didn't like the ocean when I was little). She spent most of the afternoon in her pool under the tent. She absolutely loves being in the pool and can entertain herself for hours. As you can see from the pictures she is getting a lot more mobile and can get around in there. We went in and napped for several hours out on the deck - Chad in one chair and Sophie and I in the other (I think Nanny has a picture on her camera I need to get). 

We went back out around 5pm which was probably the best idea with a young child. The sun wasn't too hot and we didn't have to worry as much about sunburn. Chad started out with Sophie sitting in the sand and letting the waves come up to her. She started getting used to it and then he took her on out in the water. She loved it!!! We stayed out in the ocean with her for a while and she never got tired of it. She also sat in the sand and played for a bit. She definitely ate the sand and it didn't even phase her...and I wonder why she doesn't like her oatmeal and rice cereal? Maybe I should let her play with it and eat it herself. 

It is definitely different going to the beach with a baby, but we had such a great time with her and getting to see many "firsts".