Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sutton's Baptism - Week 20 at Church

 Sutton was baptized on Sunday January 30th. It was such a special ceremony and we were so fortunate to have the family and church family there to support Sutton. Sutton wore Mammy's father's christening gown that was made by his mother in 1904.
We tried to get a good posed picture and then I changed the color to antique to give it that old look:)

Sophie lit the candles

Sophie was so excited to see Karlee during children's time and they couldn't stop hugging each other!

There were 112 people in the congregation (71 the week before) and I think the most we have had in the church in a long time

Brother Jobe asked that all of Sutton's family come up to the front and we cleared out about half the church

Brother Jobe used a rose to sprinkle the water on his head.

After the service we had a photo session with Sutton and all the family members.

Aunt Joyce

Deanna, Lane, Liza, Amanda, Jason, Wyatt, Leslie and Cason

Aunt Joan and Big Dave

Morgan, Amber, James, Karlee and Katelyn

Dustin and Andriana

Pam, Brad, Jay and Brenna

Brian, Jennifer, Grant and Luke

Granny and Papa

Grandmama and Grandaddy

Nanny and Grandpa (got a better picture on their camera, but can't wait to get it)

He had to take a little nap in the middle of pictures. Mammy sure was proud to see him wear the gown of father's gown

Carrie, David, Trey (and baby Cooper Smith on the way)

Shane, Katie, Nate and Becca

Michael, Elizabeth, Eliza (and baby McClaran on the way)

Bill, Deborah, Tiffany, Brandon, Chelsea

Brother Jobe

Pappy and Mammy

Our babies!
Sophie made it through the day okay although it was a little rough not being the center of attention. We had talked about what was going to happen before we left the house and she said "I'm going to be baptized too!" I showed her the picture of when she was baptized and tried to explain.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carrie's Sprinkle

Amber and I, along with two of Carrie's high school friends, hosted a "sprinkle" for Carrie and baby Cooper Smith on Saturday afternoon. We had desserts, including a chocolate fountain, cake and coffee punch (which is really amazing and I don't even like coffee). I volunteered to make the cake and flower arrangements - so y'all know who did most of the work:) I did make the cake (just boxed) and the icing (homemade buttercream), but Chad decorated. Everything turned out so cute and there was a good crowd of family and friends to share in this special time for Carrie. She is due February 26th and has been measuring two weeks ahead...he could be here soon!

Chad is so creative! I didn't even realize he spelled out boy on top until I was taking pictures:)

Aunt Devee and Lexie came down for the shower

Love this picture of Carrie's mom feeding her from the chocolate fountain

"Papaw" played with the kids outside. It was such a gorgeous day!

Sutton got some much needed Grandmama time and took about a 2 hour nap while she held him.

The hostesses with the mostest:)

Carrie's mom, Mary Nelle, made the bedding for this beautiful crib she found.

Carrie and David's house made for the perfect place to host a shower. lots of open space.

James brought Karlee over during the shower and the kids had so much fun playing together. Until Sophie wanted to help Carrie open gifts and not go outside with Karlee. Karlee is so sweet and Sophie just pushes her away.

"Papaw" or as most of my friends know him "Big Dave" got to meet Sutton for the first time. I can't believe Sutton is almost 5 months old and we haven't been to Sevierville with him yet.

Family picture

I have to post all the pictures I took of the family since this is the only way Aunt Joan gets to see them since Carrie stays behind on her blog:)

Carrie and her beautiful Mama!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Morgan!!!

No, I haven't been in the cake Mama
The family came over to our house to celebrate Morgan's 23rd birthday. I went to the store (with both kids) even though they were both screaming and tired when I was getting them ready). Luckily Sophie napped when we got home and I just had to let Sutton cry for a little while. I made a pork loin, loaded mashed potatoes, limas, macaroni and cheese, bread and cake (I made the cake and icing but Chad decorated). I figured it was about time I step it up and show everyone I can still cook since Chad has been doing everything since before I had Sutton.

The girls couldn't wait to get their hands in the cake!

We hold our hands up making noises to get them to look and this is how they do back:)