Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween (pictures from my camera)

Aunt Morgan met us at Amber's to help speed up the process. The kids were so excited to see Karlee and Katelyn all dressed up. It was a little wild!

We stopped by David and Carrie's and caught them before they started their trick or treating in the neighborhood

80's Fabulous

Daddy and his princess...Beauty and the Beast

Jake and the Neverland Pirates...I'm Izzy, Jake's friend

Mom's friend, Love, and her husband Danny were coming through Murfreesboro and we got to see them before we headed to Eagleville. It has been forever since I've seen them, but not much has changed! I have many fun memories from my childhood with them.

We went to Nanny and Grandpa's, Papa's, Aunt Joyce's and then to met up with the rest of the McClaran's at Mammy's where we ended the night.

Her princess poses...

Halloween (pics from my iPhone)Ch

Halloween was on a weeknight and we had to get started without Daddy in order to get all the places in before it got too late. The kids and I got ready and were heading out the door when Chad got home to get ready. We went next door to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, to Amber's (Morgan came there to meet us), David and Carrie's and then Chad met us at Mom and Dad's before we headed out to Eagleville.

Chad made his costume out of a few pieces he bought at Goodwill and doctored up with fabric. It was probably a good thing he didn't go to Amber's house with us...I don't think Karlee would have been able to handle it.

Costume contest at work

We dressed up for Halloween at work as part of Employee Ownership Month activities. I pulled out the costume I wore for Sophie's first birthday. She was excited to see me in it when I got home from work.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin pictures

We had a little photo session with the pumpkin at Nanny's house. This kids were actually pretty cooperative.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

High point

We ate dinner at High Point Restaurant in Monteagle with Mom and Dad. I bought a Groupon that expired on the 31st and of course we waited till the very end to try and use it. We needed 4 people to get the value of the groupon so Mom and Dad agreed to go with us. It was as good as we had remembered.

Dad and Chad went to get the cars so we took the opportunity to take pictures...Sophie wanted to take one of us (not that bad).

Great men and their sons

Chad and his Uncle Michael holding their sons as they sing in the choir.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten-year Vandy reunion

Hard to believe it was my 10 year Vandy reunion. Time flies when you are having fun:) Morgan came over after work and did my hair and makeup. I'm glad I had her take a picture before we left because the light drizzle didn't do much for my hair on the walk to Alumni Lawn. Morgan watched the kids and she and Abby and Sarah took them to a hayride at Barfield Park and to Moe's for dinner. They had a blast with her! She was able to get them ready and bring them to meet us in Nashville in the hotel on Saturday morning so they could spend the day with us.

So happy Alli is back in the U.S. from Singapore and even better that she is living in Nashville! For those of you who don't know, Alli and I lived together senior year in the AOII house.

Lynne and Kristin. Kristin and I lived on the same hall Freshman and Sophmore year and roomed together Junior year. She and her husband (Jeff) and daughter (Elise) live in Atlanta.

I decided I needed to stand against the pole b/c my heels were sinking in the ground so much!

Great to see Viral and Tyler!

We had lunch with Kristin and her family. Her parents came from St. Louis to watch Elise during the reunion party. It was so great to visit with them.

We hung out in the Vandy Bookstore wasting time until the AOII tailgate. It was pretty cold out and couldn't think of much for inside entertainment.

We ran into Viral and Bharath on the way to the AOII house. Bharath looks like a natural holding Sophie:) He claimed it was the safest way to hold a kid

Hold on there...

Hanging out at the AOII house. Katie also lived in he house with me Senior year...great memories!

Stacey came all the way from San Diego

We ended up in the middle of the band and crowd waiting for the team to walk to the stadium. Sutton wasn't so sure what to think of the commodore!

Sutton and his buddy Tyler

We ran into another AOII sister, Suzanne Clark Jones, at the tailgates and tried to get picture of the kids with her son, Parker. Suzanne and I were pregnant with Parker and Sophie at the same time when we were serving on AOII Corp Board.

Katie came back to Murfreesboro to stay the night with us on Saturday night. Sutton was all about her and all loving...until he caught wind that she was going to sleep in his big boy bed. He got pretty territorial. Sophie was happy to give up her bed and sleep on the couch.