Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Britta's Baby Shower

We cut it pretty close having a baby shower for Katie and baby Britta. Katie was scheduled for induction on July 3rd and we came up with a time that worked for everyone on the Saturday before. We hosted at our house which was a bit of a squeeze. With 100 degree temperatures and 28 people (including the kids) it was a little warm:) Katie and I loved our lunch dates at Camino when we were pregnant with Sutton and Becca so it was only fitting that we had a mexican dinner:) It wasn't exactly the girly baby shower you might expect, but Chad pulled out all the Mexican themed decorations he had and made it a little Fiesta:) We had enchiladas, beans, rice and lots of dips and chips.

Chad made some festive drinks (non alcoholic). The jalapeno lemonade was a little hot...

Can't believe this is baby #3...time flies!

Love it!

Becca getting ready for her little sister

Elizabeth washed all the dishes....thank you!!!!

The kids played well together upstairs. So glad we didn't spend time cleaning before the party b/c it was a disaster!

We aren't afraid of entertaining in our little house...

I wanted to do like Brigham and go around without any clothes, but don't think that would have went over well!

Last picture as a family of 4:)

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