Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rocky Glade Vacation Bible School

 Here are a few pictures from the week at VBS. Chad went all out on some of the details to go along with the National Park Theme. It was funny when Amber said she walked in and noticed that a lot of things were from when mom and dad were at Paradise Landing. It definitely helped to go through their cabin decor. He didn't bring the squirrel (although I wouldn't have put it past him). Brother Jobe had actually just trapped one at his house and brought it in.
 Amanda watched the kids while we were at decoration on Sunday and I noticed she had the deer in her living room and asked if we could borrow it for the week. Chad was pleasantly surprised when I came in with it!

 Chad's dad is great at helping him out on projects. Chad had the idea to have a fence so he asked his dad if he would build one...of course he did. He even found the tree trunks Chad had in his turned out great!

We actually lucked up by being able to use the backdrop from a few years ago.  I know Chad would have found a way, but it would have been really hard to fit it in with all the wedding flower projects.

 Karlee got to come to VBS and Sophie was so excited to have all her cousins there. She and Karlee were in a smaller class with a total of six 3 year old girls (doesn't that sound like fun). Grant and Eliza were in the next class that had almost 20 each day.

 This was the day they dressed like an animal. Sophie used the frog towel of Sutton's. Apparently she was really serious about it and wore it the whole day.

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