Monday, June 11, 2012

Women's Prayer Connection at Our House

Katie (Shapcott) Smith and I hosted the Prayer Connection meeting at our house in June. Most of you can tell that I had very little to do with the preparation and that Chad was behind the theme of a "Mad Hatter Tea Party"from Alice in Wonderland. He went all out with invitations (that he made) and all kinds of really cute details. Sophie was really into it too. When she and I were talking about the theme, she told me that we needed to have a long table with a lot of plates, cups and tea pots on it. She even said we needed to have a lot of different chairs. It was funny b/c Chad had just told me his plans and they were exactly that! Sophie also said we needed a white rabbit and a watch. She is just like Chad with paying attention to the small details. I think he has a partner in his party planning business!

Chad bought and borrowed old china 

Petit four and cookie favors

We transformed our dining/living room and moved a couch and chair to the garage and put our coffee table in our room. It was a little crazy, but it worked.

I think we ended up with 23 women in our house that night.  It got a little warm! We surprised Channa with gift baskets of goodies for college...she was a little emotional.
Everyone wore their hats and used some of Chad's props for a crazy picture of all of us in my bedroom. It had started raining outside and this was the only place big enough to get us all in. Judy Cunningham made the comment that this was probably the most women Chad ever had in his bed...we all cracked up!!!

Emily took the picture in the bedroom b/c she has a cast on her foot and didn't want to chance getting hurt in our group picture (really I think she wanted to avoid a picture, but I got her anyway!)

The Hostesses with the Mostest!

Chad even made place cards for everyone!

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