Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Celebrations...

 We had a busy day on Father's Day (what's new). We celebrated our Father in Heaven at church and then went to Amber's to celebrate with my Dad (missed picture opportunities there) and then went to Aunt Deborah's to celebrate with the McClaran side. We are so blessed to have such wonderful men in our lives who are great examples to our kids and love them so much!
I had intentions of getting more pictures before we left church, but ran out of time...

 We got to Amber's right as everyone had started eating so we took the kids clothes off so they didn't get them dirty and didn't take pictures first. Next thing I know, they are in the pool and wet and didn't get pictures before Dad left. I included pictures of him with kids the next weekend...can't leave him out of the Father's Day celebration:)

Long day...resting with Daddy that night.

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