Saturday, June 23, 2012

Katelyn's 2nd Birthday Party

 We celebrated Katelyn's 2nd Birthday (June 22nd) at James and Amber's house with a butterfly themed party. Amber had some crafty ideas to decorate with butterflies...I especially liked the fruit display in the shape of a butterfly. Aunt Morgie did a little face painting before the party.

Amber made the cake from scratch with organic ingredients. I have to say it was really good!

Kissing her Great Gran

Aunt Morgan did a great job on their faces! 
We finally figured out that Amber had put the 2 on the front door backwards...we were trying to figure out why she had an "S" on the door:)

The dad's taking care of the kids out in the heat...

Sutton, Trey and Cooper enjoyed the pool...really the only way to be outside!

Sutton and Cooper thought that Uncle John was "Papaw" also known as Big Dave...I can see how they favor each other!

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