Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Eagleville Horse Show

 We left from Katelyn's party and headed to the horse show in Eagleville. This was the walking horse show that benefits the Lion's Club. Chad's dad, brother and Papa are members so he went to help with concessions. The kids were in the stick horse race and did a great job. Chad said this show wasn't that country and that Sutton should wear the hat he wore for Easter instead of a Cowboy hat (in case you are wondering).

Getting ready for the race:)

Everyone was a winner and got a ribbon and a dollar:)

 We stuck around for a little while, but it was so hot so Jennifer and I took the kids back to Nanny and Grandpa's to swim. The kids had a blast. We did get in with them even though it doesn't look like it in these pics. We had so much fun! I love swimming at much better than worrying about sun screen and the heat.

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