Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mexican Food Worked...

 Katie and Shane left our house a little before 10pm and she was at the hospital by 1:30am!!! She had started having pretty consistent contractions and not feeling well once they got home. I got the call from Elizabeth in the morning saying that the mexican must have worked. I was really confused b/c I hadn't seen the text from Katie telling me they were at the hospital and Britta would be born that day! I went ahead and went to church and we came straight home and ate leftovers. Katie was at a 6 and I knew I would go when it got close (the hospital is probably less than 10 minutes away). Katie called when she was an 8 and asked if I would come on that the doctor said she would be there in about an hour. I put on my clothes quickly and left right away. Things went quickly from the time I got the call and she had Britta before I even made it to the hospital. Elizabeth was getting there at the same time so we got to be one of the firsts to meet sweet Britta! Katie looked like a supermodel after...what a rockstar!

Proud Daddy!

She is perfect! 8lbs 3ozs

Nate wasn't so sure about baby sister...he just wanted to go to the baseball game...

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