Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Chad and I took the kids to watch Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the Murfreesboro theater on Friday night. I had seen on Facebook that a lady I met at Wild Things had posted that her son was in the production and thought the kids would enjoy. Sutton had fallen asleep and woke up right before the show so he wasn't in the best mood. Once it started he was really into it and did a pretty good job of sitting still. I will say it was pretty scary for the kids with the beast and their yelling. They had wolfs come out in costume and strobe lights for dramatic would have scared me too. The actors did a great job and the costumes and set were very detailed and professional. Sophie came away saying that she really liked it even though she had her head in Chad's shoulder more than half the time. 
 Sophie informed us that the show was different than her movie she watches at home. We knew it was, but asked her why. She said that Belle didn't jump rope in the beginning. We were a little confused and didn't remember her jumping rope in the movie. We put it on when we got home and sure enough she kind of hops over the jump rope as she is walking through the town reading a book. The kids were playing and she just kind of walked through. Sophie is pretty particular about the details!

The little boy next to Sophie is Hunter. He was diagnosed with Leukemia maybe a year and half ago. He is in remission and doing well after receiving a bone marrow transplant from his little sister, Ronan. He had several parts in the show and was probably the youngest actor. So proud of him and thank God for his recovery!

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