Friday, May 25, 2012

Disney Dance Camp

Sophie got to go to Disney Dance Camp at Bravo Performance Academy in Murfreesboro. It was from 9-11am M-F and they had a little performance on Friday evening. Fortunately, we had family and friends pitch in to take Sophie each day. She did great during the week and loved going. She was pretty  worn out each evening. She would tell me some of the things they did, but really didn't want to practice the songs during the week. I was surprised when I got to see the final performance.
I got to watch the dress rehearsal earlier, so I knew Sophie knew what she was doing, but that night she was a little tired and got distracted easily. She was still super cute and very happy to be there. Since then, she has performed for us numerous times and just keeps getting better and better! I think she might be an entertainer.

Sophie had a little crowd to support her at the performance. Morgan had to work so she watched the dress rehearsal that morning.

James brought Sophie to the performance b/c Amber ended up sick with a stomach bug. Sweet cousins!

Karlee wasn't so sure about them at first, but she warmed up to the princesses and really thought they were real.

Sophie and Abby (or as Sutton calls her "Babby"). Sarah and Abby watched the kids several days during the week so they could take Sophie to dance camp. Sarah had to work, but it was so sweet of Abby to come watch her performance.

Mammy gave Sophie some high heels and jewelry for a little gift after the show. She loved it so much she had to try it on right away:)

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