Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aunt Deborah's Birthday

 We stayed in Eagleville after lunch and Pappy cut Sutton's hair. Aunt Deborah had a cook out/pool party at her house. It wasn't really for her birthday (May 4th) but we celebrated. We weren't in the pool long before a storm came and everyone had to get out. The cook "out" turned into a cook "in".
 Sutton was much better with the water wings than he was at the beach. He would float around by himself unlike before.

 Aunt Deborah really wanted to play volleyball so a group played even though it was raining. After they came back in they surprised her with a birthday cake. The kids were quick to get in on the action.

 The Knox Family joined us for the celebration and we enjoyed their singing after dinner. Sutton was so enamored by Mary's voice that he just stood in front of her staring while she was singing. It was pretty cute. Definitely a little flirt:)

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