Friday, May 11, 2012

ESOP Association Conference in DC

With Lindsey in front of Corker's office...she joined us for the meeting
 I was fortunate to get to go to DC for the  ESOP Association National Conference. The company I work for, Big G Express, is 100% employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Part of my job is communicating about the ESOP and working toward creating an ownership culture. The ESOP Communications Committee that I created and chair nominated me for Employee Owner of the Year and I was selected as the winner for our chapter. Part of the prize covered my registration fee for the national conference and I was also awarded one of the 2012 Edmunson Scholarships from the Employee Ownership Foundation. This covered the rest of the costs.

While I was in DC I planned visits with staff members of TN Senators and Representatives. Fortunately, I have some connections in DC:) Lindsey Ward was a friend from college and roommate the year after we graduated. She has been working for Lamar Alexander since he ran for election the year we graduated. She set me up with staff members from is office and Corker's. I was able to meet with staff from Diane Black (currently in my district) and Scott DesJarlais (going to be in my district for the next election). DesJarlais happened to walk in the office so I asked him if we could get a picture with him:) The president of the New South Chapter came with me to the meetings as we talked about why ESOPs are good and why they should support pro ESOP legislation:) We had a great time.
Congressman Scott DesJarlais
Charlotte, also a friend from Vandy, works for the Republican Steering Committee and was a wealth of information. She joined us for lunch in the Senate Cafeteria and gave us lots of good information. I was able to ride home with Charlotte on Thursday evening and visit with her and Bella (who is already 6 months old). We had such a great time and Bella was a perfect little angel and so happy!
Bella is enjoying the booster seat that I gave them at the shower:)

We had to set up the camera for a timed picture since Sean's flight was delayed and there was no one else to take our picture:)

I also got to meet up with a sorority sister, Sunny, for a drink when she got off work. She is a lawyer in DC and works long hours so it was a treat to get to catch up with her. Definitely got made fun of for pulling out the SLR at the bar.

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What a great trip! What's a SLR? Love Ya, Aunt Joan