Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Night in 3 1/2 Years Alone Without Kids

 Sophie and Sutton spent the night at Grandmama and Grandaddy's on Friday night while Chad and I celebrated our anniversary with a dinner out in Nashville. We went to Stoney River and then to The Patterson House for a drink afterward. Although Sophie spent the night with Nanny and Grandpa the night of Morgan's wedding, this was the first time that Sutton spent the night away from us and definitely the first time we didn't have either of them.
 We had a nice dinner out and knew that they were in good hands so didn't really worry about them too much. We did wake up and immediately wanted to go get them. I was at Mom's before 8:30am! The kids did great and were in such a great mood when I came to get them. They thought it was fun to get to stay all night. I think it will be good for special occasions, but we really miss them so I don't think we will make it a habit:)

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