Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sutton's 1st Birthday Party - Part 2

The Truitt's are just like family and Sophie and Sutton look like they could be their kids!
As always we had a great turn out of family for Sutton's birthday party. It was so different than Sophie's first birthday party because he was already walking and was all over the place. He really had fun with the golf balls and just being outside in general (great time of year for weather).
Still hanging on to the bottle...I know we have to move to the sippy cup soon, but haven't made the switch

Of course they find the "water hazard" and play in the water

Cooper chillin in the shade:)

Sutton had such a great time at his party!!!

I wasn't even trying to pose them for a picture and they just got together on the bench with Sutton. His cousins love him so much!

I did try to get Wyatt posed for the picture and you see how that to let them do their own thing

Sophie decided she wanted some green punch and Sutton was right there to "help" what a mess!

All the kiddos (Trey and Cooper were already gone)

Sutton didn't make too big a mess with his cake, but he sure did like it:)

Grandaddy and Grandmama

Nanny and Grandpa

Papa and Sutton

Pappy and Mammy

The pictures from the tree weren't the best idea with the wind, but we got some pics up anyway...

Chad made the water bottles as party favors

Sophie took off her pants to pee in the grass. You can tell she is around a bunch of boy cousins...we have got to work on her etiquette!

Our attempt at a cousin picture wasn't that successful, but when is is ever easy??

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