Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Car Purchase...

We spent a lot of time Labor Day weekend looking for a new car for Chad. The Volvo finally gave out after a major repair needed that would cost more than what it was worth. Chad made do borrowing his parent's car for most of the week and we finally made a purchase on Labor Day.
We ended up with a 2011 Toyota Camry from Toyota of Murfreesboro. The incentives were great and we got 0% interest and lifetime powertrain warranty. We were hoping to make the Volvo last a little longer, but it was pretty good timing since my car is paid off next month.

Amber was nice enough to bring the girls over and watch the kids so we could go make the purchase (we had already decided after looking on Saturday, but wanted to do a little more research and purchase Monday). The kids had fun playing together.
 They played "dress up" and came downstairs in their costumes and rain boots.

 The next night we watched Karlee and Katelyn while James and Amber went out to eat for his birthday. Sutton got into "dressing up" too!

Somehow Karlee fixed Sophie's hair in a side ponytail...pretty impressive for a 3 year old

Fighting over the chair

Sutton crawled right up into Aunt Amber's sweet!

I don't know what makes kids want to stand up on this table all the time...we are going to be in trouble!

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