Friday, September 23, 2011

Morgan and Matt's Rehearsal Dinner

 Morgan and Matt got married at First Baptist Church in Hendersonville in their beautiful chapel. Chad works in Lebanon and it was better for him to go straight from work and I got the kids ready after work and headed that way. Luckily, I went the way that would take me the same route as Chad b/c halfway down 840 Sophie threw up all over herself. Chad stopped at a gas station and waited on me so he could "help" clean it up. I ended up with Sophie in her underwear in the gas station restroom cleaning her off. We didn't have any other clothes so the plan was for her to ride in Chad's car (the carseat in my car had throw up all in it) and he would stop somewhere on the way to the church and buy her something to wear. We almost made it to Hendersonville and she threw up again...another stop at a gas station and we were still on the plan for him to get her something to wear. I made it to the church and Sutton threw up everywhere before I got him out of the carseat. At this point we figured it was definitely some kind of stomach bug and we cleaned them both up and Chad took them home. I stayed for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Chad got the kids bathed and cleaned up and they only got sick one more time before bed. Luckily they made it threw the night okay.
 The rehearsal went smoothly and the wedding coordinator was great at getting it all organized. The rehearsal dinner was just down the hall and we had a barbeque dinner catered in. It was great!!! I have never been to a wedding rehearsal that went so quickly and smoothly...especially the food part that was in the same building and ready when we got there! We had some great stories from friends and family during the rehearsal dinner. I guess I got all my crying and emotions out then!

Abby and Sarah...aka "the girls"

The Sevierville girls

Aunt Joan and Big Dave

We had some entertaining stories from friends and family

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