Friday, September 23, 2011

Karlee's Pinkalicious Party

 We celebrated Karlee's 3rd birthday on Saturday, September 17th. Chad was decorating for a wedding in Nashville so I took the kids and then left early to meet him for the wedding. We managed to get some pictures on Amber's camera. The cousin picture turned out okay...I figure we might have a chance of them all looking by the time they graduate high school.

 Karlee said the prayer and it was so cute. It is amazing to see God in their little lives.
Really getting into the prayer

 Amber had a table of pink foods and some homemade strawberry cupcakes. In the book, pinkalicious turns pink b/c she ate too many pink cupcakes. The doctor tells her she has to eat green foods to get back to normal, so Amber also had a table of the green food.

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