Saturday, September 24, 2011

Morgan and Matt's Wedding

 Things were a little crazy trying to get ready for the wedding with all of us being in the wedding and Chad doing all the flowers. Morgan had friends from beauty school doing our hair and a friend from Ulta doing makeup. Sophie was really good at sitting to get her hair fixed. I was gone for something and I come back and Grandmama had tried to "fix' it. She sprayed it with hairspray and had it pulled back tight off her face. Good thing I was able to brush it out, but it ended up looking pretty normal.
Morgan was a beautiful bride!
 The kids did pretty good considering it was a really long day and they hadn't had much to eat (and no milk at all) since they had been sick the night before. I wasn't taking any chances of them throwing up again. Morgan didn't have them in any of the pictures before the wedding so they just ran around and wore themselves out. By the time we got to the reception Sophie had no energy and was crying that she just wanted to go home. Normally I can get her to snap out of it, but I had to put her in Amber's car to watch dvds for a little while and then Nanny and Grandpa took her home and she stayed the night with them (first time staying away from home). She did great:)
Sutton took little naps and got to pass out on the coats at the end of the night. Wish I could just sleep anywhere like that:)
Looks excited doesn't she:)
 The wedding was gorgeous and the reception was a lot of fun. I didn't get to really dance and enjoy it like I would have liked since Sophie was requiring a lot of attention and only wanted me at the time. Morgan and Matt's friends had a blast and they danced all night long!!!
Chillin with Cousin Jeffrey before the wedding

Lexie and Jeffrey are all grown up...hard to believe!


Think we look alike?

Daddy and his baby girl. Last one married off!

The attempt at a picture with the kids...wild to say the least!

Dancing with her daddy...

Only attempt at a family picture. Bad timing. The kids were wiped out after the wedding

I can't tell if that was crying or singing. They were all over the place before the reception really got started

Taking a little nap with Nanny

Mama and Daddy looking good

Sutton was so cute in his tux. I don't know that I got a picture when he had it all on...not the easiest thing for a 1 year old

Sutton is a dancing machine:)

Watch your hands Sutton...

Sutton got to rest while we were cleaning up.

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