Friday, September 16, 2011

Eagleville Homecoming Parade

Grandpa and Nanny took the kids to the Eagleville Homecoming Parade on a Friday afternoon. They had a lot of fun catching candy and watching the floats go by.

Uncle Dustin was an extra hand. I'm sure they could use all they could get with the four kids running around!

The two little boys were wiped out and fell asleep on the ride home. I'm guessing they didn't stay asleep long after they moved them.
I took the kids to the game that night while Chad worked on flowers for his friend, Monica's, wedding. It was a good way to keep the kids out of the house so he could get some work done.
I guess Sophie thought she would try to lick Sutton...don't know what that is about. Sutton wanted to be down with the big kids...he is growing up so fast!

Sophie was completely exhausted and fell asleep sitting on my lap. I carried her back to Nanny and Grandpa's like a little baby...she is getting too big for that!

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