Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sophie as "A Runner"

Sutton is on the move and into everything. He climbs up the stairs and can get down them without much problem. He turns around and scoots down on his belly. Still scares me and he has fallen (under Grandmama's watch) so we have to be real careful. That is why you see our chair in front of the steps in most pictures!
Sophie put my panties on and stretched them up over her shoulders and started running back and forth in the kitchen saying she was a runner. She is too funny. Then she said she was a "go getter." There is a recent Mickey episode where they were dressed in tank top looking outfits and they were competing. She is too funny!!!

Sutton love to "talk" on the cell phone. He also "talks" into the remote, the monitor and anything else that resembles a phone in the least bit. He will say "hi" real quick when he puts it up to his ear, but for the most part he just grunts and says uuuuhhhh.

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