Saturday, July 28, 2012

Panama City Beach Trip

We decided pretty last minute to take a trip to Panama City Beach with Chad's family. At first it was just going to be Jennifer and her family and Nanny and Grandpa, but then Mammy, Pappy, Michael and family and Deborah and family decided to come too. Brandon and Dustin (and Andriana) were the only ones who weren't able to come. It was the first time we have all been to the beach since Chad and I were dating 7 years ago! It was definitely different with all the kids.
The kids and I rode down on Friday morning (after spending the night at Nanny and Grandpa's). Grandpa drove us in our car and we followed Jennifer and her crew (with Nanny). Chad flew in that night after work and we drove back Sunday night so it was a real quick trip, but so glad we were able to make the trip with (most of) the family.
These are just a few pictures from my camera. The rest are on another post that I created from my phone. It was a lot easier to get the pictures with the iPhone...I can tell I'm slacking on picture taking now that I have it!

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