Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures from Abby and Sarah...

 We are very fortunate to have Abby and Sarah in our lives! I first met them when they were in elementary school and Amber was their Nanny. There were a few times I picked them up from school or watched them when Amber had something going on. Sarah is starting college at UT this fall and Abby will be a Sophomore or Junior at Siegel. When Amber graduated and started working in Nashville, Morgan took over as their Nanny while she was at MTSU. They have remained friends and the girls were even in her wedding.

Morgan watched the kids about 1 or 2 days this summer and Abby and Sarah were often around. They even watched them a few times when I needed to get Sophie to dance camp. The kids love them and they love the kids. Abby sent me some of the pictures from her phone. Looks like a common theme with the sunglasses:) They also eat at Moe's almost anytime they are together. Love that the girls are part of our lives!

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