Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're on our Grandpa's Farm

Helping Aunt Andriana make cookies for the Super Bowl Party
We're on our way...we're on our way...on our way to Grandpa's farm:) It is a song off of a Barney that we like to sing. Thought it was appropriate for this post since there are pictures of the kids at Grandpa and Nanny's. I got these off Nanny's camera...I love that she takes pictures of the kids during the day!
Loving on Sutton

Watching a video in Dustin's old room

The kids love riding the golf cart around the farm.

Getting food to feed the fish

Lucy had two baby goats and didn't take to one of them so Jennifer is taking it home and bottle feeding. She has to take it to Nanny's with the boys for her to babysit:)

Sutton loves basketball...looks like he really knows what he is doing:)

Bottle feeding the goat.

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