Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sutton is 18 Months Old! No More Paci

 I took Sutton for his 18 month check up on Tuesday afternoon. I had skipped lunch at work and left early to make the last appointment for a well check. I was about 15 minutes late and rushed in without the diaper bag...just threw a diaper in my purse...and forgot his paci. If you haven't noticed from pictures, he is a little attached to the pacifier. He was fine in the office (you can see he was entertaining himself with my sunglasses), but I got a little worried when they said he would have 3 shots. For some reason I didn't think they got them at 18 months. So I tell Dr. Bigham I forgot him paci when we talked about shots and he said...well good b/c he doesn't need one. I knew it was coming (he told me the same thing with Sophie and we put it off about a year). Chad and I had even talked about how it would be better to do it now and get it over with. I really didn't plan on making this THE DAY, but it was. And I am so GLAD!
No luck with getting a good picture in the office. Couldn't get too far away...he was into everything.
 He cried when he got the shots (like any kid would), but he was fine after and got a lollipop (would have never given one to Sophie at this age) and fell asleep on the way home and was good the rest of the night. Chad and I decided to just go ahead and go for it and put him to bed without a paci. The first night he did cry for a little while before falling asleep (but he had for the past few nights b/c of the time change and we still put him to bed at normal time). Mom called after I had put him to bed to see if we gave him his paci (it was as if she knew he was upstairs crying). She was not very happy with me for taking it away all at once. She threatened not to watch them until he was over it. If you know my mom, you know she was just being Karen. She tried to make me feel bad and thought he would be miserable without it. Luckily, she didn't watch them for two days and we had some time to see how he was without it. Morgan and Ginger both said he did great and even napped fine without. Luke still has a paci (just like his) and he didn't try to take it away. He had gone to bed without a fuss without the paci two nights in a row before Mom finally watched him. She apologized at lunch when we talked and said she thought I had been lying about how well he had done.

This really turned out to be a great time to get rid of the pacifier b/c he can't talk about it like Sophie did. He has transitioned so well and is really trying to talk more. He was so cute on Friday morning when Chad had already taken Sophie to the car he made the "s" sound and looked around for her. He is such a big boy now!
Sutton had a great check up and he is growing right on track (for him). He weighed 22lbs and 12 ozs (13th percentile), 30 inches (5th percentile) and his head was 57th percentile. Sutton did great during the appointment and Sophie was a big help too. She has definitely matured and is really well behaved for the most part. I needed her to be good as we were running late and trying to get them in the door without a stroller. She is funny in the dr office b/c she knows she isn't allowed to play with the toys b/c they have germs..."but you can't see the germs." She has to tell me each time. Of course I don't have as much control over Sutton and he started playing with them. She was telling me and I told her we could put some antibacterial stuff on his hands to kill the germs. "Oh...so you can put that on my hands too?" Yes, and I know you realize you could have been doing this the whole time....sorry. She is too smart for me sometimes.

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