Sunday, March 11, 2012

Luke's 2nd and Grant's 4th Birthday Party

 Grant and Luke celebrated their birthdays on Sunday. Grant was born on the 5th and Luke the 11th so Jennifer decided to have the parties together this year. The Toy Story theme worked out perfect b/c Luke really likes Buzz and Grant's favorite Toy Story character is Woody. They were able to have a party together, yet have some individuality. Chad made their cakes and I thought it turned out perfect!
Luke loved his cake and kept trying to get "Buuuzz"

Grant was all dressed up in his Woody "costume"

We were smart and got our picture with the boys before the party started

The kid picture is always entertaining...

Luke had a time blowing out the candles

That's my girl...first in line for cake and ice cream

Giving out the treat bags and explaining the rules for finding the treats in the hay outside

The kids searched for candy and money (coins) in the hay...they had a blast!

Mammy was filling their pockets with money

Grant got a pony for his birthday. They brought "Molly" to the party for pony rides.

Loving making a mess!

Sutton found his own pony to ride

Pretty girl

Sophie is a good little rider. She might get with Aunt Leslie and enter the horse show this year.

Grant got Jim to barrel race with him...too funny!

My sweet boy!

Sutton did a pretty good job on the horse, but didn't really get that he had to hold on. Luckily, Aunt Andriana was there to hold him.

Thought I should take a pony ride

I think the pony makes my butt look big!

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