Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sutton's 3rd Haircut

 After the birthday party, Pappy cut Chad and Sutton's hair. Sutton and I napped in the car for a little bit while Chad got his cut first. It wasn't really a long enough nap and probably bad timing for the haircut, but he really needed one. I got these pictures in the beginning, but didn't get the camera back out when he lost it for the end of the haircut. Chad had him restrained and he was so upset. It really is all you can do when half his hair is to finish. I hadn't realized that Pappy was a perfectionist too, but he really wanted to get it right. I was thinking it looked fine and we just needed to stop at that point:) Pappy really does a great job!
 It didn't take him long to get over it and he was fine before we left. Hope he doesn't remember for next time:) It is funny that Sutton has now had as many haircuts as Sophie! I'm not used to this boy haircut schedule.

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