Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our First Rodeo...

We went the rodeo at MTSU Miller Coliseum as part of Grant's birthday celebration (his party will be next Sunday with Luke). Jennifer brought Cason and Eliza also. This was the first rodeo for Sophie, Sutton and myself (I can't remember if Chad had been before). Anyway...the kids loved it!!! They liked the clowns and dogs more than the actual bull riding and cattle roping, but all in all it was fun for them.

It is fun to watch the kids interacting together and having their little conversations. They are so lucky to have each other!

Sutton had benadryl before we left and slept through the first half of the rodeo!

Then he was out of it after he woke up...might have been a little much!

The rodeo didn't start till 7:30 and it was almost 11 when it can tell the kids were worn out!

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