Friday, August 12, 2011

Wilson County Fair

 We decided that Sophie was at the age where she would enjoy the fair so we planned (kind of last minute) to go to the Wilson County Fair on the first night it started. Grandmama and Grandaddy rode with us and we met Chad after work. Amber, James, Karlee and Katelyn came also. It was fun for Karlee and Sophie to ride rides together (at least for a little bit). It was pretty expensive for the rides and we decided to do the deal for two armbands buy one get one half off. Amber just bought tickets so once they were gone they were finished. We wanted to get our moneys worth so of course we stayed much later. Sophie had fun. I can't say that it is my favorite thing to do and it is expensive, but I'm sure we will be taking the kids back again sometime:)

 So one of my memories from the fair is the game that we called "picking up ducks". I remember them floating around in the water and as they came by you picked up one and you got the prize that matched the number. We had been looking for the game and finally found it. It was not as fun as I remembered and a waste of $2 or $3 (can't remember how much). They just had the ducks in a plastic kiddie pool and you pay $2 or $3 depending on which type of prize you wanted. Oh well...won't be doing that again!

Sutton was wiped out by the end of the night, but slept peacefully in the baby bjorn. I guess he is about to big to fit in it anymore. I have loved it!!! Thanks Jeff and Kristin...great gift:)

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