Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morgan and Matt's Couple Shower - Fiesta!

 We had a great time hosting a couples shower for Morgan and Matt (with Amber, James, Carrie and David). We decided on a mexican theme and Chad went all out with the decorations and details.
 Chad pulled together some props (and made mustaches and unibrows) for the photo booth. You might wonder where we got this stuff, but randomly my mom had most of it!
 Jay and Brenna came to watch the kids so they could be there but we wouldn't have to worry about them. It worked out perfect b/c it was Pam's high school reunion and they needed somewhere to stay and we needed babysitters...funny how the tables are turning now. They are so good with the kids and we are so lucky to have them around!
Mom and Dad:)

 A Mexican themed party wouldn't be complete without margaritas. We decided to try to make them like the one we had at Carrabba's. When we looked it up it is referred to as an Italian margarita. It was made with tequila, triple sec, amaretto and sweet and sour mix. They were a big hit!

 We had the party at James and Amber's new house in Murfreesboro. Their backyard is perfect for entertaining!

 We filled a pinata with a variety of items...hershey kisses, paydays, lottery tickets and condoms...everyone got a kick out of it.

 The food was great. Amber made chicken for fajitas and Carrie made homemade salsa, guacamole and cheese dip. Chad made the cute little signs to go along with them.
 We had fun meeting Matt's friends and some of Morgan's friends from school and work (Ulta). The best was the random guy who came in the door with a case of beer and no one knew who he was and finally Amber asked and he was at the wrong house! Too funny:)

Jay was entertaining the kids with videos on his IPad

 It started getting dark before we got all the pictures in the "photo booth," but everyone had a lot of fun posing. I had to include them all just for laughs:)

Matt with his mom and sister

Morgan, Sarah, Abby and Brittany

This looks a little creepy...

Morgan with her coworkers from Ulta

David and Carrie got a sitter for the boys so they were having fun:)

Chad made homemade Popsicles...look who got theirs first:)

The crowd watching Morgan and Matt opening gifts...

They got lots of great things and a lot of their kitchen items.

The hostesses with the mostess. Chad did my part:)

Can't believe our baby sister is getting married!

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