Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sutton 11 Months Old

Sutton was 11 months old August 13th. He was taking steps, but still crawling more than walking and into everything. He could get up the stairs before I knew it and wanted to be into everything Sophie was. Sutton had 8 teeth...4 on top and 4 on bottom. Loves feeding himself and eats a lot of different foods. He loves waffles and shredded cheese (just like his sister). He likes most things, but definitely lets you know if he doesn't want something. He shakes his head no and wipes things off his tray with an attitude. Sutton has the sweetest personality and will give hugs and open mouth, slobbery kisses. He understands a lot of things we say. If we tell him it is time to take a bath he heads to the bathroom and tries to climb in.
Sutton says momma, dada, ball, bye, and hi. He loves to put a phone or anything that resembles a phone up to his ear and say hi. He waves, points and does a lot of grunting and lounging when he wants something. The cutest thing is him saying "eeeeat" when he sees something he wants to eat. He is just a precious little boy with a contagious smile and a great easy going personality!

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