Sunday, August 14, 2011

Charlotte's Baby Shower

 Charlotte is due October 29th and is living in DC. My friend Alli (lives in Singapore) and another friend who lives in Nashville threw her a baby shower. I was so excited to get to go since it was close by:) Alli asked Chad to do the flowers since she was trying to help from a distance. I tried to take pictures for her and we skyped at the end of the shower (at 4am her time).

Bella Jordan has got lots of fun gifts.

I brought Sophie with me and she played with Virginia's things while she and her sister were napping and was pretty good and entertained herself.

 We played a baby concentration game that was super cute. You won candy that matched with the clue like "baby giggles" would be a snickers. Pretty fun game if you are looking for an entertaining game for a baby shower.
 I let Sophie go outside on their back porch while I skyped with Alli and said goodbye to everyone. I go out there and she has climbed up on the trampoline by herself (I don't know if the chair was there or if she pushed it over). Anyway...she is one little independent girl!!!

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