Friday, August 19, 2011

Morgan's Bachelorette Party!

 We met up at Cabana's for dinner and had Morgan's lingerie shower in the private cabana. It was a fun atmosphere and we could use our own ipod for music and even had our own flat screen tv. We closed the curtains for the lingerie shower and had lots of laughs! Afterwards we went downtown for a little dancing.
 Morgan had told the girls the dress code was flashy, trashy and/or sassy. Amber and I missed that memo! We were more like the grandma's in the group. I really don't have anything for "going out" in my wardrobe anymore and Amber has always dressed like a grandma:) We had a great time!

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Lindsay said...

Hi, you guys!

This is so random but I googled "horseshoe wedding" because I'm getting married in a little over a year and the wedding you did popped up. My fiancee and I have chosen horseshoes for our theme because we are both pretty country but it's also for "good luck!" The picture we LOVED looking for ideas for centerpieces was your horseshoe and barbed wire vases!! I LOVED them and I think I can make them! I wanted to ask a couple questions if you don't mind though.... For the vases with the belts, did you cut belts or were you able to make them without doing that? Also, I have looked everywhere for garden stands like the horse and horseshoe one you did the hanging mason jars from and I was wondering where you found them?

Thank you so much for your time and any ideas you can give me! You have no idea how much we LOVE what you did!!! If you wouldn't mind e-mailing me, that would be awesome. My e-mail is