Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Eagleville Horse Show

 We headed out to Eagleville for the Horse Show on Saturday night. The kids took a nap on the way out, but as you can see from the pictures, it wasn't enough for Sophie. She woke up in a bad mood and wasn't into the stick horse race.
 This attitude she is giving Nanny is cracking me up. She was determined not to "ride" the horse. Oh well...can't win them all!

 Nobody else was really cooperating either...except Cason who has the horse thing down. It is really like herding cattle trying to get them to do the stick horse race.
Sutton hung out with Mammy:)

A friend of ours had a horse so she let Sophie get on to pose for a picture. I think Leslie wants to ride with Sophie in a few years and do the whole matching outfit thing. I think Sophie would love it!

Sutton and Papa on the golf cart...

Sophie enjoyed eating cheetos and all kinds of snacks. I don't mind either b/c I get to eat them too:)

Sweet picture of the cousins. They love each other so much!
The horse show was in honor of Granny. Chad wrote up something to say about her and her dedication to the community center and the horse show fundraiser. Papa, Leslie and the kids wrote out to the center while he read it. It was sad to be there without her this year.

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