Friday, March 25, 2011

Playtime with Meg and Mary Clark

 After Sutton's check up, we met up with my friend, Ashley, and her two girls. She was on spring break and was going to be in Murfreesboro so we planned to meet at the Discovery Center, but it was packed there wasn't even a parking space available. We quickly decided to just head over to the mall and eat in the food court and let the kids play on the little playground. It turned out to be a perfect way to get to visit and keep the kids entertained. Sutton and Mary Clark enjoyed playing on the blanket while Sophie and Meg ran around the play area.
 Sophie's friend from Wild Things Class, Bella, was there with her grandmother so they enjoyed playing together also. I think Sophie's favorite thing was getting the sanitizer over and over...guess she was killing all the germs.
 It was hard to get a picture of the girls together. Meg was trying hard to pose, but Sophie was just trying to get away the whole time!
 I had to include all the pictures I tried. Sophie was just determined not to let me get a good one!

 We walked down to Bath and Body Works and the girls held cute! They really had fun playing together.

Nanny, Grant and Luke came over for a little bit in the afternoon while Jennifer went to the nursing home to visit Granny. Sutton and Luke ended up having the same outfit on again!

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